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Model wearing silicone stick on bra

Do Stick on Bras Really Work?

1st May 2023

Does a stick on bra actually work? How long do they last for? Can they be reused? Here we explain the benefits and usability of adhesive underwear.

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Hollywood Waves Hair Tutorial

"Get the Hollywood Look" with this quick and easy Curled Waves Hair Tutorial

18th Mar 2023

See our transformational hair style tutorial to achieve the ultimate Hollywood Glamour look. Hair Stylist Clarissa Clary shares her step by step hair tutorial on how she create the Curled Waves look.

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Catherine Peck modelling Undercover Glamour stick on bra

What is new for 2023!

31st Jan 2023

Find out more about our website and business updates, and new products for 2023. Learn about how the Department of International Trade is helping us achieve our goals with the International Export Grant and Technical Planning and Support.

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