"Get the Hollywood Look" with this quick and easy Curled Waves Hair Tutorial

18th Mar 2023

Have you ever dreamt of having Hollywood worthy hair?  And wondered how you could achieve the desired rolling wave hair style look?  You have come to the right place!  Read Hair Stylist's Clarissa Clary's Tutorial on how she achieved the look for Elaine Marie Buckley's Hollywood Glamour Photoshoot.

Hollywood Red Carpet Hair Styles

Curled Waves Hair Tutorial by Clarissa Clary

Products you need before Starting:

  • A set of curlers
  • Hold Spray
  • A comb and brush
  • Hair Clips to pin the curlers
  • Clip in Hair Extensions if you need to either create more length, or more thickness or both!

Step by Step Guide

1.  Pre-heat the rollers, ready to add to the hair.
2.  To prep Catherine's hair I combed it through and used a hold spray, with a light spritz to her hair.
3.  Work out where you want the parting to be, and style accordingly.
4.  When the rollers are ready, start at the top of the head and take a section of hair (approx 2 inches wide), comb the hair up, and from the tip of the hair, add a roller, roll it down the hair to the head, and then using holding pins to hold the roller in place. 
5.  Repeat the process.  For the back section of the hair, start curling from the bottom of the head and work your way up.
6.  Once the whole head of hair is around the different rollers, leave the rollers in for about 20 to 30 minutes.
7.  Once you remove the rollers, brush the curls out, carefully teasing them into place especially around the face to get that glamorous look.
8.  The hair will be super adaptable so this is the fun part, work with the hair until you achieve the desired style. 

If your hair is very fine and thin like Catherine's own hair (shown in the before pictures below) then to create a very full, volumized look you can add clip in hair extensions.  When using clip in hair extensions it is much easier to prep and style the hair extensions with the rollers before attaching them to the hair.

Hair Extensions secret   Before Hair Extensions Look

Clarissa used Undercover Glamour Deluxe Hair Extensions to add volume and thickness to Catherine's hair to help create the transformational, Hollywood curled waves look.  Undercover Glamour's Deluxe Hair Extensions are the thickest and most luxurious hair extensions of the range, they have nearly double the amount of hair per weft compared to the Classic range.  Catherine is holding colour number 2/6 in the above photo which is a mix of light brunette and our darkest brunette, and this shows how much hair is in each set of our Deluxe Hair Extensions!  If you do not need to add as much hair but still wish to add some for more thickness and volume then our Classic range of clip in hair extensions are a more affordable option.

Hollywood Waves Hair Style
Catherine, (our company director) is wearing our Deluxe Clip-in Hair Extensions in Dark Brunette, colour no.4 in the After photos.  The hair extensions are 18 inches in length.  As you can see from the Before pictures Catherine's natural hair is very fine and quite thin so by adding the hair extensions into her own hair it helped to create the desired, full looking and transformational look.  As mentioned above, Clarissa recommends curling and styling the clip in hair extensions before clipping them in as this makes it much easier to manage them.  Then when they are styled as you wish, you can simply just clip them in in a matter of minutes.


Photography - Martin Higgs
Makeup Artist - Elaine Marie Buckley - www.elainemariemakeup.co.uk
Hair Stylist - Clarissa Clary
Hair Extensions - Undercover Glamour

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