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Celebrity Hair News

Celebrity Hair News

31st Jul 2018

Holly Edwards is the hair stylist for the just launched TV show, Our Girl. Holly is the one behind Michelle Keegan's hair styles on Our Girl and we luckily got the opportunity to team up with Holly to create this beautiful hair style.

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Celebrity Hair News

15th Jun 2018

It was great to have models, Lauryn Goodman & Natasha Yexley modelling for us. We had celebrity hair and makeup artists, Holly Edwards & Sian Duke working their magic with the hair extensions. Read more, to see our behind the scene pics with everyone.

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What type of clip-in hair extensions do you sell?

Undercover Glamour sells Asian human hair extensions for their silky and straight texture. The majority of hair collected is Cambodian, Mongolian and Chinese hair.  The hair material collected is in its natural state, it has never been permed or colored before it is cut, so the hair is in its purest form.  Asian human hair is slightly thicker than Brazilian or Indian human hair, therefore the hair is stronger and will be long lasting, it is also known for maintaining its very soft texture. 

We sell ethical hair extensions, making sure each hair donor is paid a fair price for their hair, therefore we pay a high price for the hair material.  We believe the hair trade helps support many women by giving them an extra source of income.

All our Undercover Glamour hair extensions are either triple wefted or quad wefted so they are all lovely and thick, and they are made with remy hair for the finest quality.  For more information about the different types of hair extensions available, please click on the above tab, next to the FAQs tab to learn more.

What do you mean by Triple Wefted or Quad Wefted?

Triple Weft means that there is 3 layers (wefts) of hair sewn on one piece; so you have more hair on one piece than say single or double wefted hair extensions.  We do not recommend using single or double weft hair as the hair will look very thin, and when you hold the hair piece up you will see lots of gaps in the hair.  Single or double wefted hair will not work well for making your hair longer as you would have to attach so many pieces before the hair looks thick enough and if you have fine hair you will see all of the clips from the different pieces.  We do not sell single or double wefted hair as we do not feel it is of high enough quality.  You will find that single and double wefted hair is much cheaper due to less hair being used.

Triple weft hair is not as thick as quad weft hair but it is great for everyday as there is a generous amount of hair on each piece but not as much as quad weft, and this makes it lighter on your own hair.  You will not feel a pull on your own hair with triple weft and therefore can wear it more regularly.  Triple weft hair may also be better suited to you if your hair type is fine, and not that thick as it will blend more naturally with your own hair.

Quad weft means that there are 4 layers (wefts) of hair sewn on one piece.  As there are more layers (wefts) of hair on one piece it is thicker as there is more hair, this therefore results in needing less pieces and therefore less clips in your hair, making it easier to hide the hair extensions.  Quad weft hair will be better suited to women with very thick hair who wish to make their hair longer as it will blend well.  Our Deluxe Hair Extensions are quad wefted for the ultimate look of luxury.

What is Remy Hair?  Why are Remy clip-in hair extensions more expensive?

Remy clip-in hair extensions are more expensive than plain human hair extensions because of the level of care in managing them and forming them into extensions. This higher level of care is why Remy Hair is more expensive. With Remy clip-in hair extensions, when the hair is cut from the hair donor (from a ponytail) the tops of the hair are kept together so the hair runs in its natural way. With other human hair extensions when the hair is cut the tops and the tips of the hair will be mixed up, this is done for ease of collection and management.

It is important to make sure the hair falls in the correct way i.e., with Remy Hair; this is because the outer layer of hair is made up of lots of cuticles and the edges of the cuticles all point down towards the tip. If the tops and tips of the hair are sown together at the top of the clip-in hair extension it will cause the cuticles to catch each other which results in tangling. Therefore, Remy clip-in hair extensions will stay straight, tangle-free and neat for much longer than plain human hair extensions.

What is Non-Remy Hair?

Non-remy hair is also known as “Fallen Hair”.  This hair is collected from more than one source and as a result the tops and tips of the hair get mixed up.  This means that the cuticles in the hair are facing in different directions, making it prone to tangling.  

For ease of management – Remy Hair and clip-in hair extensions are definitely best.

What is meant by Single or Double Drawn Hair?

When the hair is collected from the donor in a ponytail, it ensures that Remy hair is being collected, but when the hair is collected like this, it will be of different lengths just like your own natural head of hair.  In the natural form, the ends of the hair will be thinner than at the top of the hair, just like your own hair.  When the hair is Single Drawn, it means that some of the shorter hairs have been removed, thus giving a more even hair length, so it will look thicker at the bottom.  Double Drawn Hair is drawn for a second time to remove even more of the shorter hairs, and the procedure is done by hand.  Double Drawn Hair is by far the best, as the ends of the hair are almost 100% as thick as the tops of the hair.  This is the most popular type of hair as is gives the thickest, fullest looking hair you can imagine.

We sell double drawn hair as it is the most popular with our customers and prevents the need for as much styling.

What is meant by human hair blend/ mix?

If a set of hair extensions say human hair blend this means that they are mixed with either synthetic hair or animal hair.  This lowers the cost for the customer as synthetic or animal hair is much cheaper than human hair so the hair blend provides a cheaper option than buying 100% human hair.  We only offer 100% human hair as we want to offer the highest quality goods and we believe it is worth the investment in high quality.

Where do the human hair extensions come from? Is it ethical?

All our clip-in hair extensions are sourced from China. As mentioned above we pay a fair price for the hair supplied and work with reputable suppliers and make sure all our donors are paid for their hair.  We believe that our trade supports women by providing another source of income for them.

What is the best length of clip-in hair extension?

This depends on the look you want to go for and how tall you are.  Are you looking to wear hair extensions to make your hair look thicker?  Or, are you looking to wear hair extensions to make your hair longer?  The best way to work out what length you would like is to measure downwards in inches from the top of your ear to get an idea of where each hair extension length would fall on you.  You measure from the top of your ear as this is where the highest clips will be placed and the top of the hair extensions will start.  We sell hair extensions in 12 inches in length, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches and 24 inches in length. 

Our most popular selling length is 18 inches.  The 18 inch hair extensions will fall just below your bra line if you are of average height and this is the hair length of Kate Middleton, so it is a natural looking and manageable length.  This is also our company director and model, Catherine Peck's favourite length, Catherine is 5ft 5 and the hair extensions fall just below her bra line.  If you are 5ft 7 then the 20 inch hair extensions will also fall in this place, and if you are 5ft 9 then the 22 inch hair extensions would also just fall below your bra line, and if you are 5ft 3 then the 16 inch hair extensions would be this length on you.  It is important to take your height into account when purchasing hair extensions.

The 12 inch hair extensions are particularly popular with women who have shorter hair where their hair is thinning due to age or stress.  This length can help add thickness to their hair and take years off as thicker, healthy looking hair helps give the appearance of youth, vitility and great health.

How long will the Undercover Glamour clip-in hair extensions last?

This entirely depends on how often you wear them and how you treat them.  Our company director and model, Catherine Peck has been using the same set of Undercover Glamour clip-in hair extensions now for nearly two years and she is still pleased with their condition.  Please note, Catherine does not wear them everyday, on average twice a week.  Catherine occassionally uses her hair straighteners on her set of extensions, and if she does the straighteners are on a low heat and not above 180 degrees, and she always brushes through them after use and stores them neatly away.  She has not washed them. 

If you wear the extensions everyday and use hair tongs regularly and alot of hair spray, and are rough with the brushing they are not going to last as long.  For heavy use you may wish to treat yourself to a brand new set every 4 to 6 months.  For moderate and gentle use you should get about 6 months to a year, and for light useage like, Catherine you would be looking at over a year.  To find out more, please click on our tab, Caring for Your Extensions.