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10 reasons to choose Undercover Glamour's Nipple Covers

  1.  The nipple covers or nipple plasters will conceal your nipples to prevent nipple poke-through when wearing a tight top or dress without a bra.
  2.  The nipple covers have been tested while running, and playing sports and they successfully stay in place and prevent any nipple irritation and prevent chafing from friction with your bra or top.
  3.  If you have large nipples, or hardened nipples (which is common after childbirth) you may feel more comfortable and confident to wear nipple covers to prevent any poke-through or irritation caused with friction from your bra.
  4.  You can wear a nipple cover on your belly button if it is noticeable through your top (being pregnant can cause your belly button to become enlarged and protrude outwards).
  5.  Invest in some nipple covers for fun. Your special someone could have a nice surprise when seeing the heart shaped nipple covers or our nipple tassels.
  6.  The nipple covers are great to use for topless tanning as you can be 100% sure your nipples will not get burnt and you can feel comfortable they they will remain covered.
  7.  Small, invisible and discreet.  The perfect accessory to keep in your bag as a back-up or for chafing/ clothing emergencies.  We also have several different colours available, including nude, tan and black, which provides options for different skin colours or clothing colours.
  8.  The adhesive is long-lasting, reusable and washable.
  9.  Low cost and affordable.  You can even purchase them in multi packs for even bigger savings!
  10.  Trust.  We have been providing both women and men with the best Nipple Covers and accessories for over 11 years.

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Can the nipple covers be used under a swimsuit or bikini while swimming?
Yes, and this is the perfect solution to stop you feeling self-conscious about having nipple poke-through in your swimming costume. The silicone nipple covers have been tested and successfully stay on. Please note that you should wear a tight swimsuit or bikini top to help hold them in place.  As they have an adhesive backing they will stick to your breast area but as they get wet their hold will be reduced so it is best to make sure the swimsuit is tight fitting so they cannot slide out of place.  We definitely recommend the silicone nipple covers for swimming rather than the nipple plasters.

Are the nipple covers comfortable?
Yes the nipple covers are comfortable to wear, you won't even notice you are wearing them.

Will the nipple covers fit me? 
Some of our nipple covers are smaller than others, so please refer to the measurements on the product pages.  For example, our fabric circle nipple covers are smaller than the silicone nipple covers and lace petal shaped nipple covers.  If you have a bigger areola we recommend getting the circle silicone nipple covers or the lace or satin petal nipple covers.  The average areola is 4 centimeters in diameter.  Our nipple covers range from 5cms to 7.5cms (diameter) in size.  Areola size can depend on several factors, including breast size, if you have larger breasts it is common for your areola to be larger too.

How do the nipple covers stay on?
You simply peal back the plastic backing and then stick on to your breast area.  The self-adhesive backing keeps the nipple concealers stuck securely to your breasts.  The nipple covers will stay on all day while playing sport and will stay in place throughout, however, continuous or excessive sweating may reduce the adhesive’s effectiveness.

What are the nipple covers made from?
The silicone nipple covers are made from 90% silicone with a 10% TPU outer covering.  The silicone nipple covers are also known as "gel" nipple protectors.

Can I wash the nipple covers?
This depends which nipple covers you purchased.  Please see the information on how to care for the nipple covers and nipple tassels on each of their product pages.  Some of our fabric range of nipple covers, which are more like nipple plasters, you only wear once and then dispose of them.  Our nipple tassles we do not recommend washing but you should be able to wear these more than once, as usually these would not be worn for a long period of time.  Our silicone nipple covers are reusable and therefore you can wash and clean them.

How do I wash my silicone nipple covers?
Please see the product pages to follow instructions on how to best care for your silicone nipple covers.  Do not put your nipple covers in the washing machine! Instead rinse with lukewarm water and mild soap and leave to air dry.  Once dry you can replace the plastic film to keep them dust free.

How many times can I reuse the silicone nipple covers?
This depends on the level of care. If the instructions for best care are followed then you should be able to reuse your silicone nipple covers about 15 times. However, if you throw your nipple covers on the floor after a night out and leave all the dust to collect on the self adhesive backing then you will not get many wears out of them. Using fake tan and lotions will also reduce the amount of uses.

How long can I wear the nipple covers for?
It is recommended that you wear the nipple concealers for no longer than 8 hours at any one time to give your skin a chance to breathe.

What shape and colour of nipple cover is best to wear under sheer clothes?
We sell silicone (gel) nipple covers in a circle shape, a petal shape (or flower shape) and heart shaped nipple covers.  The silicone nipple covers are the best under sheer clothing as they are seamless and very smooth.  Please note that if your clothing is very sheer and tight then all nipple covers will show through to some degree.  Your nipple cover colour choice will depend on your skin colour and the clothing colour you choose to wear.  We offer a nude nipple covers, tan nipple covers and black nipple covers on our website, as shown in the picture below.

Could I have an allergic reaction to the nipple covers?
Undercover Glamour advises you to test the adhesive on a small and less sensitive area of skin first. If irritation does occur remove the nipple covers and wash your skin with water and mild soap. If irritation persists after removal please consult a doctor.

Nipple covers for Running
Catherine, our founder of Undercover Glamour loves running and she uses the silicone nipple covers for long distance running.  Catherine is passionate about providing a great range of nipple covers as she wants to prevent anyone from experiencing the uncomfortable runners' nipple chafe.  Catherine recommends the silicone nipple covers as they are reusable.  The silicone nipple covers have a great hold for runners and are very comfortable, you won't even notice you are wearing them.  You may also experience uncomfortable nipple chafe on shorter distances (5 km) as if it is very hot the sweat will cause more irritation, so if running in hot conditions the nipple covers are a perfect solution to comfortable running.

Can male runners use the nipple covers?
Absolutely!  It is very common for men to use plasters over their nipples to prevent chafing during sports.  The fabric plasters are the perfect option as they have an adhesive-free centre to prevent any discomfort when peeling them off after use, alternatively, the silicone nipples are reusable and therefore you do not need to restock very often (and it's better for the environment).  The fabric nipple covers are also known as nipple guards for runners and nipple protectors for runners.  Every long distance runner has experienced the uncomfortable nipple chafe, to prevent this nipple protectors are a low-cost lifesaver.

Are nipple shields the same as nipple covers?
No.  Nipple shields are used by women who are having discomfort with breast feeding and they fit over the nipple.  The shields have holes in the end so the baby can feed through them while protecting the mum's areola from soreness.  Nipple covers are comfort pads with adhesive backing that stick over the breast area to prevent nipple poke through and nipple chaffing.

What are nipple guards and nipple protectors?
Nipple guards and nipple protectors are used to describe both nipple shields and nipple covers.  Nipple guards is a term used to search for nipple covers for runners.  Nipple covers is a term used for fashion and nipple shields are comfort pads for breast feeding women.

Why do clothing stylists love nipple covers?
Nipple covers are an important piece of kit in a clothing stylist's bag, they prevent any unwanted nipple poke-through.  Angie Smith, stylist to the stars including Amanda Holden use lots of our nipple covers, along with Net-a-Porter.