What is new for 2023!

31st Jan 2023

One of the highlights for 2023 is that we have received support from The Department of International Trade, securing an International Export Grant with matched funding.  The grant has been incredibly motivating and helped us move forward to create a better user experience for you, and in return to secure more export sales.  We are always striving to improve the customer experience at Undercover Glamour, because we want your journey with us to be as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible, so having the grant funding has allowed us to really move forward with several of the below achievements.

What have we done so far?

Since the start of 2023, we have already updated our order confirmations, dispatch confirmations, general correspondence templates, and have updated our checkout for a smoother experience.  We have also, been busy replenishing many items that have been temporarily out of stock, and have begun producing new products.

Beth Macaulay at Undercover Glamour

We regularly like to check the entire process of ordering via our Undercover Glamour website, just to make sure there are no issues and to update and edit where necessary to fix anything that is not working.  Firstly, we decided that our automated email correspondance was wildly outdated, not very attractive to look at and  it wasn't providing enough information to the customers.  So, we are relieved to say we have finally updated them and we are pleased with how our order confirmation emails to you are looking now, as shown below.

Example of order confirmation Undercover Glamour   
We have since created a neater, easier to read template with more information on the next steps of your order and what to do if you have any problems.  We are really happy with the updated layout and we seem to be receiving fewer phone calls and emails about your orders now that all of the information is available on the email for you.  You can see the new template below.  What do you think?  It is definitely 100 times better than our old emails to you, with just some basic black text saying the Order no, the product name and value!

Example of email correspondence Undercover Glamour

Secondly, we have updated our checkout.  I think we probably had one of the most tedious and annoying checkouts that ever existed.  It was long winded, awkward and frankly it was absolutely not user-friendly.  I am so glad to say that it has now been updated with Stripe, which offers our customers the choice pay with Google Pay and Apple Pay as well as directly with Stripe.  This checkout is cheaper for us to use, which we can reflect in our product or shipping prices to benefit you.  Since this is a new system that we are using, we fully expect to experience a few glitches while we finish transferring, so if you notice anything strange or struggle to place your order, please do let us know.  We still also have the Paypal checkout as an alternative.

Catherine Peck with Undercover Glamour

How has the International Export Grant helped

Thanks to the International Export Grant we have also been able to update alot of the technical side of the website, giving you faster upload times and better useability.  We still have a lot more to do here, but it is some positive work in progress.  Derek Scanlon, Technical Advisor at the Department of International Trade gave us a free Technical Diagnostics Report on the website, and this was like receiving gold.  It has been the most helpful report ever, and we have been able to put a lot of the suggestions into action all ready.  We are very grateful to our International Trade Advisor, Kevin Price for securing us with all these opportunities for 2023.

What else should we expect to see for 2023?

We have created some new products and they will be available for you to buy soon.  Our company director, Catherine lives in sports bras/ tops for all her gymnastics, trampolining and gym training and one of her frustrations were getting sports bras where the bra pads were just really flimsy and would fall apart after several washes!  And we know many of you feel the same!  So, we have created some strong and lovely shaped sports bra pads which will be available in different shapes and colours.  The sports bra pads will be a great addition to our breast enhancer range and they will also work as an option to sew into tops and dresses for a nice shape and to prevent and nipple poke-through.  They are made from cotton and therefore are super comfortable and breathable, which is perfect for any kind of sport, whether its running marathons or doing yoga, so we are looking forward to having these on sale for you this year.  Keep an eye out for them!

breast enhancers and gel chicken fillets banner

We are also adding more synthetic hair options to our range, giving you some more affordable options over our human hair pieces and hair streaks.

If you are a regular user of fashion and beauty accessories, or often shop with us at Undercover Glamour, we would love to hear your thoughts on any products you would like to see on our website, or anything at all that you think needs revising.  There are always plans to update more, so keep your eyes open for future updates!  To get in touch you can reach us on 01284 723 246 or email Beth info@undercover-glamour.com or message us on Insta @undercoverglamour

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