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Breast Enhancers/ Pads for Bikinis FAQ
Breast Enhancers over Breast Implants

Everything you need to know about Breast Enhancers and Pads for Bikinis

Which Breast Enhancers do you recommend?
This depends on what you are aiming for and the purpose.  For example, we have a range of triangle bikini shaped enhancers which are perfect for triangle shaped bikini tops. If you are flat chested, our pads for bikinis will give you a lovely shape to your bust, or if you already have a perfect sized bust you may want to use our bikini push up pads to enhance your cleavage.

If you are looking for breast enhancers that you can safely wear while running around and being active you are best to choose our small enhancers, also known as bra inserts.  Our silicone bra inserts will fit inside most bra pockets so they won't be able to slip out. 

If you are looking for pads for your bikini while also being able to safely swim and run on the beach without a mishap then both the Mini Bikini Bra Inserts and Mini Bra Inserts will fit in most bikini bra pockets.  The Mini Bra Inserts and the Mini Bikini Bra Inserts are both made from silicone so they won't absorb the water if you use them while swimming, which is perfect.  Foam pads for bikinis are super light and great for sunbathing or exercising, however they absorb lots of water, so when you get out of the water you may have to squeeze most of the pool out of them!  Therefore, we would recommend the silicone bra inserts for if wearing inside your bikini top's bra pockets while swimming.

If you are looking for a more noticeable boost to your bust our medium sized chicken fillets and bikini inserts are perfect.  However, the medium sizes may not fit in your bra pockets.  Our medium sized chicken fillets for bras are going to enhance your bust by up to one cup size, and give you a lovely shape to your bust and help to enhance your cleavage.

If you are very flat chested and looking for some real help to boost your bust our Large Full Breast Enhancers are a great solution.  They also work well to wear under a tight sports bra if needed to have a more prominent bust, for example; fitness modelling work. 

Our soft touch gel chicken fillets are lovely and soft and I would recommend these over our standard chicken fillets.  However, the standard chicken fillets are a cheaper option.  If you work in the film industry as an actress, body double or stunt double, or as a model you may find it useful to have a range of sizes in your kit bag.  We offer a Complete Set of Breast Enhancers to give you a saving for buying 3 different sizes at once. 

We have a range of foam bra pads and bikini push up pads you may find these preferable in hotter conditions.  If you cannot wear a bra with straps on show, but wish for some enhancement to your bust we also offer a range of padded stick on bras, and a chicken fillet bra.

Do you have different sizes of Breast Enhancers?
Yes, we have small options which, as mentioned, will fit in most bra pockets and these are described as gel bra inserts and silicone bra inserts.  We have medium options, widely known as chicken fillets, and then large options which are our full breast enhancers.  We also have a range of breast forms which are full, life-like breasts.  The breast enhancers will really increase your bust size, see the product descriptions for each product to see by how much!

If buying Breast Enhancers do I need to get a larger bra?
If you already have some space in your current bras or bikini tops then popping the breast enhancers or your bikini pads in them will help to fill them, and also give your bust a push up!  If you are already near to popping out of your bra, you most definitely will need to buy a cup size larger so there is room to wear the breast enhancers.

Will the Chicken Fillets, Full Breast Enhancers and Pads for Bikinis stay in place?
You need to wear a well fitting bra and we recommend to wear an underwired bra to help prevent the chicken fillets from slipping underneath the bra.  If you get hot and perspire a lot you may find the silicone chicken fillets will start to slip around, therefore if you are likely to get hot i.e., opt for the foam bra pads.  Also, remember that if you bend forward i.e., to touch your toes the chicken fillets may fall out the top of your bra, though you may find our Fashion Tape or Eylure's Body Tape should help with this!

Are Chicken Fillets for Bras and Pads for Bikinis comfortable?
Yes our breast enhancers are all really comfortable to wear.

How do I wash my Breast Enhancers and Pads for Bikinis?
Yes you can wash them.  Please see our product descriptions on the product pages for how to care for your enhancers.

Breast Enhancers for Weddings
It is common for brides to loose weight prior to their wedding day and if this is you, you may find you now have a gap between your wedding dress and bust.  Our breast enhancers are a perfect way to solve this by filling out your bust.  Our bra pad inserts (foam enhancers) are perfect to wear inside a strapless bra as they are really light.  We also have a wonderful bridal range of padded stick on bras, which are very popular with brides and bridesmaids.

Breast Enhancers for Lumpectomies for Breast Cancer Treatment
A Lumpectomy is an operation to remove the lump and some normal tissue around it, but not the breast itself.  If you have had a small lump removed you may find our breast enhancers will help to balance you.  If you are looking for breast enhancers for a mastectomy please view our breast form range.

Breast Enhancers for actresses, models and the film industry
Breast enhancers are widely used in the film industry and are always in a clothing stylists kit bag.  Breast enhancers are worn by body doubles and stunt doubles to help match the actresses shape.  The gel fillets are also useful to use as extra pads.  Bra and bikini inserts are also widely used in the modelling industry to help fill lingerie and bikinis if the item turns out to be slightly too big for the model.

Catherine, our founder has worked as a model for over 16 years and having the breast enhancers have been a lifesaver for her on many lingerie and swimwear jobs.  It was working as a model and using chicken fillets for her bras that made Catherine want to share these tricks of the trade with other women and provide a great range of life-saving and affordable fashion and beauty accessories.