Do Stick on Bras Really Work?

1st May 2023

If you have never tried a stick on bra before, you may not know the ins and outs of how they work.  You may be concerned that they won't stick long enough, if at all, or perhaps you believe they can only be used once.  We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to give you a better idea on how they work and which bra you should choose.

Do Stick On Bras Actually Work?

The simple answer is YES!  But to get the best results from your bra, there are a few things you must know. 
If the bra is too small or too large, it will not stick for long.  Your breast needs to fill the cup enough for full contact with the adhesive.  You can find your perfect size by checking our stick on bra size guide.
Having any kind of product or moisture on your skin before applying the bra, such as moisturiser, perfume or fake tan can prevent the adhesive from sticking as well.  It is best to thoroughly clean and dry your chest before sticking the bra on.
Once a stick on bra has been worn, it will seem a lot less sticky than when you first used it.  This is very normal, and the adhesive will regenerate once it has been washed.  We recommend just rinsing the adhesive and bra under warm (not hot) water, and using a very mild soap.  Once it is clean, and has been air-dried the adhesive will be perfectly sticky again.
If you have not replaced the protective film after you have used it, it will likely end up covered in dust and will require washing and drying again before it can be used.
Every person is different, and we all have different skin types.  If you have slightly more oily skin than others or sweat very easily then a stick on bra may not work as well for you.

How Long Do Stick On Bras Stay On For?

The length of time a stick on bra will work for very much depends on the activities you will be doing, how much movement and what you will be wearing over the bra.  For example, if you wore a loose fitting top and dancing the bra is unlikely to hold for long, and we wouldn't recommend wearing a stick on bra with a loose fitting top.  Tighter dresses and tops will definitely help to hold the bra in place more securely.
Like I mentioned earlier, having moisture or product on your skin may reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive, and that goes for sweat too!  If you are excessively sweating, the adhesive may not hold, even if it was stuck on perfectly beforehand.  Stick on bras are very effective at lasting the whole day when wearing with supportive clothing over the bust area and when you are not getting too hot. 

Are Stick On Bras Reusable?

Absolutely!  As I mentioned before, the bras only need to be washed in order to regenerate the adhesive.  Just a quick rinse in warm water with mild soap, and then leave them to air dry.  Once they are clean and dry, make sure to put the protective film back over the adhesive to keep it super sticky for next time.

What Are The Best Stick On Bras For Summer 2023?

In general, the best choices for stick on bras for summer months are typically those made of breathable and lightweight materials that won't trap sweat or make you feel uncomfortable in hot weather. Some popular options include; our fabric stick on bras, as they are lightweight and can provide a natural-looking shape and support; our bridal bras which are lightweight, padded and have a beautiful lace design.  Strapless and backless stick on bras are great for summer outfits like sundresses, off-the-shoulder tops, and halter necklines. It's important to choose a stick on bra that fits well and provides adequate support for your cup size to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

What Stick On Bra Should I Choose?

The type of stick on bra you should choose depends on your personal preferences, the outfit you plan to wear, and the level of support you need. Here are some popular options:

  1. Adhesive silicone cups: These stick on bra cups are made of silicone material and have adhesive backing to stick directly to the skin. They provide a natural shape and are perfect for wearing with backless or strapless dresses and deep-plunge necklines.

  2. Fabric and Padded stick on bras: These bras have a front clasp or closure and are perfect for providing additional lift and support. They are great for low-cut necklines and backless dresses.

  3. Angel Wing/ Drawstring stick on bras: These bras have an adjustable drawstring to reduce or increase cleavage. They are great for wearing with backless dresses and are typically more comfortable than adhesive cups.

  4. Silicone stick on bras: These bras have a unique design that allows them to mould to the shape of your body. They are perfect for wearing with backless or strapless dresses and provide a natural look and feel.

It's important to note that stick on bras may not provide the same level of support as traditional bras, so it's important to choose a style that works for your specific needs and comfort level.

Is There A Bra That Is Best For Brides And Bridesmaids?

Our wedding bras are specifically designed to provide the perfect combination of comfort, support, and style for brides on their special day.  The sleek and seamless design of Undercover Glamour wedding bras makes them virtually invisible under even the most form-fitting wedding dresses. The high-quality adhesive used in Undercover Glamour wedding bras ensures that they stay in place all day and night, providing the necessary support and coverage for brides.  The wedding bras are finished with a beautiful lace design.

What Stick On Bra Will Give Me The Best Cleavage?

Angel Wing/ Drawstring stick on bras are designed to give you the best cleavage by allowing you to adjust the amount of lift and support they provide.  The drawstring centre of the bra allows you to adjust the amount of lift and cleavage you want. By pulling the drawstring tighter, you can create more lift and cleavage, while loosening the drawstring will give you a more natural look.

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