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10 Reasons to choose Undercover Glamour's Stick on Bras

  1.  Our stick on bras allow you to wear a bra without any bra straps on show, perfect for any dress.
  2.  We have a beautiful range of bridal stick on bras.
  3.  Lots of styles, including a great range of padded stick on bras.
  4.  Lots of sizes available ranging from A to G cup.
  5.  Environmentally friendly packaging used.
  6.  Accurate size guide due to over 11 years experience and listening to customer feedback.
  7.  Long lasting adhesive for maximum hold.
  8.  Our strapless backless bras are reusable.
  9.  Exchanges are accepted.
  10.  Trust - we have been providing our customers with stick on bras, and lingerie accessories for over 12 years.

See what our beautiful customers have to say on our testimonial page.

bridal stick on bra review
Everything you need to know about Stick on Bras

How does a Stick on Bra work?
Stick on bras are also known as self adhesive bras, this is because the bra cups simply stick to your chest. The adhesive used on the inside of the bra cups holds the bra to your chest, allowing you to wear backless and strapless dresses without having any bra straps on show.  Please note, sweat reduces the effectiveness of the self-adhesive so if you are sweating a lot and wearing a loose fitting top/dress then the bra may start to move, so if you are going clubbing in Ibiza for example then the bra won't be the best wardrobe choice.  The stick on bras work best with dresses and tops that are tight over the bust area so there is some support. The adhesive bras are an excellent choice for most wedding dresses and prom dresses.

Is the stick on bra comfortable?
Yes they are very comfortable as there are no straps.  They are the perfect strapless backless bra and ideal to wear with strapless and backless tops and dresses.

What are the stick on bras made from?
The Silicone Bra, Silicone Padded Bra and Stick on Bra Cups are made from 90% silicone with a 10% TPU outer covering and self-adhesive. The Backless Bra, the Padded Backless Bra, and the Bridal Backless Bras are made from 40% silicone, 30% polyester and 30% PU foam.

Is the self adhesive bra easy to remove?
Yes, simply just peel the bra off.  If you do struggle to remove the sticky bra, try holding a warm, damp cloth over the area for a few minutes to soften the adhesive.  Do not pull or rip off your adhesive bra, peel it gently.

How many times can I reuse my self adhesive bra?
This depends on the level of care. If the instructions for best care are followed then you should be able to reuse your adhesive bra about 20 times. However, if you throw your strapless backless bra on the floor after a night out and leave it for all the dust to collect on the self-adhesive backing then you will not get many wears out of it.

For best use make sure you are not wearing lotions and creams on your breast area as this will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive bra.

How do I wash my Adhesive Bra?
Please see the product pages to follow instructions on how to best care for your stick on bra.  Do not put your adhesive bra in the washing machine. Instead rinse with lukewarm water and mild soap and leave the stick on bra cups to air dry and then cover the bra cups with the plastic film provided.

How long can I wear the Stick on Bra for?
It is recommended not to wear the stick on bras for more than 8 hours in one go.

Which is the best Stick on Bra to buy?
The best stick on bra depends on what size you are, and what outfit you plan to wear it with.  Our fabric Stick on Bra, Backless Bra A to G cup is a universal option, available in a variety of colours and they fit up to a 32G cup, 34FF and 36F and some styles are padded for an extra boost.  This bra is perfect for any occasion, and most outfits.  The fabric backless bras are the lightest bra option and therefore they work well for bigger sizes providing support and a lovely rounded shape to your bust.

We recommend our silicone bras for lower cut dresses, and they are perfect for sheer clothing as the silicone bras are seamless and invisible, as they are available in transparent or nude.  They are also perfect for wearing with your swimming costumes as they are water resistant and provide a nice shape to your bust while preventing any unwanted nipple poke through.  We also offer silicone padded bras to enhance the bust even further.

Our Wedding, Bridal, Bridesmaid and Prom bras are perfect for special occasions, they come in a variety of beautiful colours with a lace finish.

Do the Stick on Bras stay on?
Yes, but it does depend on your skin type and the temperature for how well they hold.  Catherine, our founder at Undercover Glamour wears our strapless backless bras and stick on bra cups all the time, and they have been a life-saver when at work.  Catherine, has never had a problem with the bras and she 100% rates them, she offers the following advice based on her experience, "it is best to wear them with a tight top or a top that is gathered around the bust for some support, with gravity it would be a big ask for the bra to stay on in place all day if you just walked around wearing just that!"

Catherine, has worn the silicone stick on bra many times under swimwear for swimwear shoots, and also when swimming under her swimming costume so she hasn't had to worry about unwanted nipple poke-through and the silicone bra creates a lovely feminine shape.  The bras hold really well under a secure swimming costume.  Catherine has also worn many silicone padded bras for when wearing strapless dresses or tops and finds they hold perfectly. 

Please note, that when you perspire it reduces the grip of the adhesive on your skin making it harder for the bra to grip.  Therefore, if you have naturally very oily skin or are prone to perspiring alot then you would find a stick on bra less effective than someone with normal skin.  Also, if you have a large bust then you are more likely to be prone to breast sweat in the summer months or while on holiday.  If you suffer with breast sweat then clearly an adhesive bra/ is not going to be as effective due to the adhesive needing dry skin to grip.  Stick on bras are absolutely amazing though for the majority of people and will completely open up your wardrobe.

Will a Stick on Bra lift my bust?
Stick on bras can not lift your bust the same way as a normal bra can as the stick on bras do not have any bra straps, therefore you cannot lift your bust up in the normal way by tightening the bra straps to give lift.  The stick on bra may give some lift, especially if you are wearing under a tight top or a top or dress which is gathered in at the bust, as the bra especially if you choose a padded stick on bra will help you fill your top and therefore you can squeeze them up!  Please remember that as there are no bra straps, your bust is contenting with gravity, therefore the bigger your bust the harder it would be to get any lift.

What Size Stick on Bra should I get?
Please see our stick on bra size guides to help you choose the right size.  If you are a 32 inch back then choose your normal cup size, for example, if you wear a 32B, choose the B cup in the stick on bra.  If you wear a 34 inch back please choose the next cup size up to what you normally wear, for example you wear a 34B, choose a C cup in the stick on bra.  If you wear a 36 inch back, choose two cup sizes up, for example, if you wear a 36B, choose a D cup. 

Understanding Bra Sizes.
Bras have sister sizes.  A 32D is the same sized cup size as a 34C and a 36B. 

Who buys Undercover Glamour's Strapless Backless Bras?
Our bras are very popular with brides and bridesmaids as they are the perfect shape for many wedding and bridesmaids dresses.  The strapless backless bras are also great for prom style dresses.

Models and Actresses love our stick on bras too as it means they can turn up for a job and know they have the security of being able to wear a bra with any outfit.  Our stick on bras have made the red carpet many times and have been at the Oscars and the Baftas!  The stick on bras were also used on the Sky TV series Promzillas, and supplied to Britney Spears for a photoshoot for Marie Claire.

Stick on Bras for Large Busts
We were the first company to launch the FF cup and G cup stick on bra.  We did this after listening to our customers, requesting bigger stick on bras.  We originally (11 years ago) just offered A to D cup stick on bras but then responded to our customers requests by then offering the DD cup, then the E cup, then the F cup, FF cup and finally the G cup!  The G cup fits a 32 G, 34FF and a 36F.  Please see our size guide to fully understand our bra sizing.

Strapless Backless Bras for Weddings
We have a lovely range of bridal backless bras, in white, ivory and pale pink designs perfect to wear with wedding dresses and bridal gowns.  It is common to loose weight prior to your wedding, so we have a great range of padded white stick on bras to help fill the bust area on your wedding dress.  Our bridal stick on bras have featured and be worn by the brides in Bridal Magazines and are worn by brides worldwide as they are the perfect solution to allow you to wear a bra with any style of wedding dress.