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Breast Lift Tape FAQ


Find out everything you want to know about our Breast Lift Tape, Stick on Bra Cups and Breast Lifting Nipple Covers, see our FAQs below!

What type of instant breast lifts should I go for?
We have a range of different styles and different shapes of instant breast lifts available to suit your needs.

If you are looking for a stick on bra but also with some lift then our stick on bra cups are the perfect solution for this. The stick on bra cups will add a subtle increase to your bust while lifting them and creating a lovely, rounded shape.  These are available up to a D cup in both clear and nude silicone.  The stick on bra cups are ideal to wear with backless and strapless dresses, they are made with silicone and have an adhesive backing with a longer shaped top part which enables you to pull your bust upwards.  Our stick on bra cups can be washed and reused therefore making them great value for money.  These are great to wear with low, open front dresses and halter neck style tops as they will help give you a lovely shape and help create a cleavage.  They are great for smaller busts where you need both lift and some extra padding to keep your shape.

Our instant breast lifts are a disposable breast lift option.  The breast lift tape is shaped perfectly to fit around the nipple and on the top of breast, this particular shape lifts the breast to allow a natural shape to the underside of the breast and can allow your nipples to be free.  Of course, you can use nipple covers if you wish to cover up a little more.  The instant breast lifts will fit up to a C cup bra size.  The instant breast lift tape works if you are wearing a bra or going braless.  The lifts are transparent so you can wear under sheer clothing.

Our body tape roll is a great fashion accessory to have.  The tape is flexible for comfort while being sticky enough to hold your bust in place.  The breast lift tape can be cut to exactly the required length and placed in any position to create the perfect shaped bra for your top or dress.  The tape can be used with all dress cuts such as, open back, halter neck, strapless and deep v neck.  Our body tape can create a perfect bra and give amazing lift to ANY bra size!  The body tape is a great solution for larger busts.

Our petal and circle shaped breast lifting nipple covers are great for maximum breast lift while also concealing your nipples.  They are perfect if you wish to go bra less and have a lovely smooth, sleek shape with your dress.  Shaped as a silicone nipple cover with a clear tab for lifting your breasts upwards, they come in two sizes, A/B and C/D.  These lifts offer support, a gorgeous shape and will keep you from experiencing nipple poke-through, they are washable and reusable therefore, great value for money.

Are instant breast lifts and body tape comfortable?
If you are wearing the breast lift tape correctly you should not even notice that you are wearing it apart from having a perkier and more shapely bust! 

Is it going to be noticeable that I am wearing instant breast lifts or body tape and will they distort the shape of my breasts?
If you are wearing the correct sized breast lifts for your size and shape they will fit perfectly giving a smooth finish and will look great.  We recommend not pulling the tape and lifts too tight as this may cause slight bulging.

Which Breast Lifts do you recommend?
This really depends on what you are looking for and your needs.  Our personal favourites are the Silicone Breast Lifting Nipple Covers because the provide maximum lift and the Body Tape Roll because it is so versatile.

Instant Breast Lifts for Bridal wear
Our stick on bra cups and breast lifts are very popular with brides on their wedding day.  If you have chosen a wedding dress with a low cut front, open back or no straps then our breast lifts are the perfect solution.  The lifts will not take up extra space in the dress, but they will give you a perky chest and a beautiful shape in your wedding dress.  We also have a great range of bridal padded stick on bras that are perfect to wear with strapless bridal gowns.

Breast Lifts used by Models, Actresses, Stylists and the Film and TV industry
Our breast lifts are widely used in the Film and TV industry and an important piece in a clothing stylist's kit bag. 

Can I wash my reusable breast lifts?
Yes.  We recommend that you do wash your silicone breast lifting nipple covers and stick on bra cups to keep them hygienic and to prolong the life of the adhesive.  Hand wash the adhesive with warm water and mild soap, rinse and allow to air dry before replacing the protective film.  The instant breast lift tape that is  transparent is a one time only wear.

What are breast lifts made from?
The silicone breast lifting nipple covers and the stick on bra cups are made with 90% silicone and 10% TPU with the adhesive backing.