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FAQs - Lingerie Accessories

Most Useful Lingerie Accessories

Undercover Glamour has found the perfect solutions to your lingerie problems and lingerie discomforts.  If you are larger busted, maybe you have experienced bra straps digging in?  Or, have you have gained weight and now your bras do not fit you?  Or, maybe you have dresses that you want to make less revealing?  See below for our solutions to these common lingerie issues.

Bra Strap Cushions/ Bra Strap Pads

What are Bra Strap Cushions?
Bra Strap Cushions are bra strap pads designed to rest on your shoulders and go between your bra strap and your skin acting as a cushion to prevent any discomfort bra straps may cause you.  Your bra strap threads in to the bra strap cushion keeping it securely in place.  Our bra strap cushions are made from silicone to softly mould to your shoulder shape.

Are your bra straps digging into your shoulders?
Bra straps digging into you shoulders is a familiar discomfort if you are larger busted.  Our Bra Strap Cushions can simply been worn under your bra straps and provide comfort.  Our soft and flexible silicone shoulder pads rest comfortably on your shoulders while holding your bra straps in place.  The bra strap cushions will prevent any future unpleasant grooves in your shoulders, making them the perfect lingerie accessory.

How to prevent bra straps from slipping?
Our bra strap cushions will solve this issue by holding your bra straps in place and prevent them from slipping off your shoulders.

Which Bra Strap Cushions/ Bra Strap Pads do you recommend?
We offer small or large silicone bra strap pads in nude and clear.  Bra strap cushions are an inexpensive lingerie accessory, but one that can make such a positive difference.

Bra Strap Extenders

What are Bra Strap Extenders?
Bra extenders are small pieces of fabric with hooks and closures that attach to your current bra to extend the length of the band.

Why Bra Extenders are Useful
Are your favourite bras getting too tight around the torso?  Is this causing unpleasant back rolls?!  You could be pregnant and experiencing temporary weight gain and do not wish to buy new bras, or you have just put on more weight!  Or, maybe your boyfriend has brought you a bra that is too small round your torso but you really want to wear it.  Maybe you are in-between bra sizes so getting the perfect fit is tricky.  If any of these common issues apply to you then bra extenders are the quick and inexpensive way to fix the problem.

How to use Bra Extenders?
Our Bra Strap Extenders will instantly extend the circumference of your bra band by simply hooking the extender to your current bra strap hooks. You have 3 different hook options to attach your current bra to, which means you have 3 different options of extra length to add to your bra band.

Bra Extender 3 hook
Our 3 hook Bra Strap Extender works with thick bra band straps that are also 3 hooks wide.  Our 3 hook Bra Extender will increase the length of your bra band strap by up to 4 cms (1.6 inches).  Therefore, if your bra is a 32 inch back you can add the bra extender to your bra to take you to a 33.6 inch back.  If you choose the middle Bra Extender hook this will extend your bra band circumference by an extra 3 cms (1.2 inches) and if you choose the nearest Bra Extender hook this will increase your bra band by 1.5 cms (0.6 inches).  Our Bra Extension 3 hook is available in Nude and Black.

Bra Extender 2 hook
Our 2 hook Bra Extender works with most normal band straps that are also 2 hooks wide.  Our 2 hook Bra Extender will increase the length of your bra band strap by up to 4 cms (1.6 inches).  If you use the middle hook on the Bra Extender, it will increase your bra band size by another 3 cms (1.2 inches), and if you wish to make only a slight increase to your bra band circumference you can choose the first hook/ clips, this will increase your bra band size by 1.5 cms (0.6 inches).  Therefore, if your bra is a 34 inch back you can add the bra extender to your bra to take you to a 35.6 inch back.  Our Bra Extension 2 hook is available in Nude, Black, White and Peach.

Can you wash the Bra Strap Extenders?
Yes, it is best to hand wash the Bra Extenders to extend usage, however, it will be ok to machine wash.  If machine washing please put the Bra Extender in a lingerie / bra wash bag to protect it.

Bra Strap Converter / Racerback Bra Clip

Do you make the fashion crime of having your bra straps on show when wearing a racerback top? Or, maybe you avoid racerback tops as you prefer to wear a bra and do not wish to have bra straps on show?  Our Racerback Bra Clips are the quick and inexpensive solution to allow you to convert your normal bras into a racerback styled bra.

What are Bra Strap Converters/ Racerback Bra Clips?
Bra Strap Converters are also known as Bra back adaptors, low back bra convertors and racerback converters.  Undercover Glamour's Bra Strap Converter will pull your bra straps together on your back so they will be hidden when wearing racerback tops and are ideal for gym tops.  Racerback Bra Clips are really easy to use and they work with any bra strap width.  Our Bra Strap Converters are available in Black, Nude or White. 

How do you attach a Racerback Bra Clip? 
Firstly loosen your bra straps by about half an inch to an inch as the bra strap converter will pull the bra straps closer together which requires more length.  Hold the bra strap clip behind the top of your back and get hold of your left bra strap and place through the left side of the clip, simply push the left plastic piece on the clip upwards to allow the bra strap to thread through.  Then get hold of your right bra strap and place through the right hand side of the clip.  You can move the bra strap clip upwards or downwards to get the right position for you and to find the correct place for it to hide your bra straps inside your top.

Fashion Tape / Body Tape

What is Fashion Tape?
Fashion tape is also known as clothing tape, double sided body tape and tit tape.  Fashion tape is a clear double sided adhesive tape, and most used to secure the edges of a garment to the chest or side of the breasts to prevent your dress/ top from gaping and showing unwanted parts of your body.  Body tape can also be used on bra or vest straps to prevent them from slipping off your shoulders, or between your bra straps and vest/ top to prevent your bra straps from showing.

Do you have a great outfit to wear that is too revealing?
Our Fashion Tape and Eylure Body Tape is the perfect solution as it effectively adheres the garment to your body, and therefore you can prevent your garment from gaping.  You can also use fashion tape to make a neckline more modest by taping the lower part of the outfit together, therefore bringing the neckline up higher.  You can also tape between the buttons of a tight shirt to tape down the other side, this will prevent your buttons popping open to reveal your cleavage.

How to use Body Tape?
Before applying the Body Tape ensure the skin is clean, dry and free from moisturisers and oils.  Do not use on skin that is damaged, irritated or broken.  Select a shape to match to match the line of the garment you wish to stick to your skin (as our body tape is in pre-cut pieces).  Remove one side of the backing paper and apply to the desired area of your skin.  Then remove the backing paper and press the garment directly onto it.  Or, if sticking the tape to garment to garment simply remove the backing paper and stick on the garment and then press the other part of the garment onto it, to hold in place.

Is Eylure Body Tape the best fashion tape?
Eylure Body Tape is one of our most popular products with our customers and is really great value for money.  The pack contains 27 pieces of double sided clear adhesive strips.  Eylure's Body Tape is great because they have already pre-cut the double sided adhesive tape in to useful sized shapes, you get 15 pre-cut curved shapes, and 17 pre-cut squared shapes which are ideal for using on clothing around the bust area and underarm area.

We also offer our own brand of clear Body Tape, our fashion tape is also pre-cut into thin rectangular shapes (8.5cms long by 1cm wide) which is perfect for using on clothing and easy to manage.

Is Eylure Body Tape and Undercover Glamour's Fashion Tape sticky on both sides?
Yes, the adhesive is on both sides of the fashion tape so you can effectively stick the tape to your skin and your garment.

Can you use Fashion Tape on your skin?
Yes you can and that is the main purpose of it, to allow you to secure your garment to your skin to prevent any unwanted gaps.  The fashion tape is hypoallergenic, but please note that people have different skin sensitivity so if any irration arises please remove immediately.  We recommend testing on your skin at least 24 hours before you intend to use it.

Body Tape in the Film/ TV industry and Fashion industry
Body Tape is widely used in the fashion, TV and film industry by clothing stylists.  It is useful to have on hand to fix any last minute wardrobe issues.  Catherine, our founder, loves fashion tape and has used it many times to secure revealing dresses around the bust area so she hasn't had to worry about revealing too much.

Our other Most Useful Lingerie Accessories

We also have a great range of nipple covers, stick on bras, bikini enhancers and breast enhancers for all of your lingerie needs.  We have dedicated pages for these lingerie accessories so please see the tabs at the top of the page.

Nipple Covers
Nipple Covers are also known as Petals, Nipple Protectors and Nipple Plasters.  Nipple Covers have an adhesive back and adhere to your nipples (stick on) to prevent nipple poke-through or nipple chafe from rubbing against your clothes.  They also offer some modesty protection if you are wearing a sheer top or a loose top that may flap open around the bust area.

We offer both fabric and silicone options in a variety of shapes, colours and styles.  Check out our Nipple Covers page to see what we have to offer!

Lace Nipple ProtectorsBlack Nipple Covers

Breast Enhancers and Bikini Enhancers
If you need help filling your bra, or bikini or your chest area out to best fit a dress we have an extensive range of bikini bra inserts, chicken fillets for bras and breast enhancers.  Please see our dedicated Breast Enhancer page to view the full range.