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Clip in Hair Extensions FAQ
Why choose our Hair Extensions?
Hair Extension Colours

Clip in Hair Extensions FAQ

All the products on this page are real hair extensions, they are 100% human hair.

What type of Hair Extensions do you sell?

All the products on this page are clip in hair, meaning that you can simply clip the hair into your own hair and you can create an amazing new hair style in a matter of minutes.  You can choose to make your hair thicker, longer, or add different colours and add highlights without being tied to one hair style.  This is the true advantage of clip in hair as it gives you variation to try new hair styles for nights out, important work events and for special occasions.

All the products on this page are 100% human hair.  We love real human hair extensions for how they naturally blend with your own hair.  Real hair extensions are a much better long term investment than synthetic "fake" hair as they will last much longer and maintain their quality, they also look high quality in all lighting, whereas you can usually tell synthetic hair is not real hair in daylight.  Our company director, Catherine, is passionate about providing you with the highest quality human remy hair extensions as she wears them herself, and they help her feel more glamorous on nights out and for her work (modelling).

What are your shortest and longest Clip in Hair Extensions?

Our longest length is 24 inches, this length is available in our Classic range (full head of hair extensions).  24 inches is very, very long if you are of average height!  If you are 5ft 5, the 18 inch sets will fall just below your bra line, therefore, 24 inches will be another 6 inches further down your back than this, so they will fall about an inch above your knicker line if wearing high waisted pants.  However, if you are 5ft 11 then the 24 inch long hair extensions will fall just below your bra line, giving the same looking length as the 18 inch extensions on someone that is 5ft 5.  When considering which length to buy please consider your height.

Our shortest extensions are 12 inches in length, this length is available in our Classic range.  This length is really popular for those that wish to make their hair thicker, rather than longer.  If you are average height (5ft 5) then our 12 inch real hair extensions will be about shoulder length.

Which style of Hair Extensions should I buy?

On this page we have a number of different clip in, real hair extension options for you.  The options are; clip in hair pieces, hair streaks, full head of hair extensions in a classic range and then in an extra thick, premium range.

Clip in Hair Pieces - this product is great if you wish to add a little more thickness to your own hair without buying a whole set of full head of hair extensions.  The hair pieces are sold as one single weft of hair with 3 clips on it, so this is a much cheaper option than buying our full heads of hair extensions.  The hair pieces are also great if you wish to add a different colour to your own hair to help create different hair styles.  For example, the pink hair pieces are popular for creating a fun festival hair look, and also look really pretty when used when plaiting your own hair.  The hair pieces are available in 18 inches in length and 22 inches in length.

Clip in Hair Streaks - our hair streaks come in a set of two, each of the strips has one clip.  We created the hair streaks to help you achieve the highlighted hair look without having to pay to have highlights professionally done at the salon which can be very expensive.  The natural colours in blonde, brown and black are there to help you create either the highlighted, sunkissed hair look or a lowlight look.  As the hair streaks are 100% human hair they blend really well with your own hair, they look really pretty when used in wedding hair styles with pretty plaits or curls.  We also have created lots of bright hair colours for you to add to your own hair to create different hair styles.  All the clip in, real hair pieces (hair streaks) are 18 inches in length.
We love the bright pink hair, and blue hair for festival hair looks.  Simply adding our coloured clip in hair streaks instantly creates a whole new hair look and will definitely stand out in the crowd.  We love the baby pink hair extensions strips for creating a really soft, pretty look for weddings and the summer.  If you are looking for a more dramatic look for rock festivals, nights out or Halloween looks we created the red hair, green hair and purple hair extension strips for you.

Full heads of Hair Extensions - our full heads of hair extensions will be needed if you are looking to make your hair longer, or a lot thicker.  If you have fine, thin hair to medium thickness hair and wanting to make your hair look thicker or longer our Classic range will be perfect for you.  If you have thick hair you will need our extra thick hair extensions, our Deluxe range to make your hair longer.  Our extra thick, full heads of clip in hair extensions (Deluxe) have nearly double the amount of hair per hair piece, so they are much better to blend with thick hair.  If you have fine, thin to medium thickness hair the extra thick hair extensions (Deluxe) will also work for you if your goal is to make your hair much thicker and longer.  The Deluxe sets are our most expensive range due to the high quality of remy human hair plus having a lot more hair per set.

Our Classic range of clip in, real hair extensions are available in lots of lengths; 12 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch and 24 inches in length.
Our Deluxe range of premium, luxury hair extensions are available in the following lengths; 18 inch, 20 inch and 22 inches in length.

How do I choose the right Hair Extension colour for me?

We offer a great range of clip in hair extension colours as we aim to cater for everyone's hair colour.  Please watch our video below which shows our main hair colours.  The hair extensions displayed in the video are from our Classic range.  If you cannot find your hair colour please contact us and hopefully we can get your perfect colour made for you.

Hair Extensions for Brides, Weddings, Proms and Special Occasions

Our real hair extensions are particularly popular with brides for their wedding day.  Clip in hair extensions are the perfect solution for your wedding day as they can help to create that one off special look.  If you have thin hair you can make your hair much thicker and fuller in a matter of minutes for your wedding day.  If you have seen a beautiful wedding hair style that you would like to copy but need long hair then this look is possible for you with clip in hair extensions.

Our coloured human hair pieces and hair streaks are great for creating looks for festivals and proms as you can add bright and bold colours to your hair.

How long will the Hair Extensions last for?

How long your clip in, real hair extensions will last for will completely depends on how often you wear them and how well you treat them.  If you are wearing yours just once or twice a week and not using hair products on them then they can last for 2 years.  However, this will reduce the more you wear them and if you use hair products in them.  For regular use and using products we suggest a 6 month life.  Please see our guide on how to best care for your hair extensions.

Can I return my Clip in Hair Extensions?

We accept returns and exchanges on all the hair extensions, hair pieces and hair streaks.  We understand that it is difficult to choose your perfect colour match from the website without seeing the products so we will happily exchange for you.  If unsure, you can send us some pictures of your hair to and we will happily help you decide.  If you would like a quick response please send them via instagram @undercoverglamour or send us a facebook message for faster responses out of office hours.  A good idea is to order a few shades and then you can send the ones back that do not match for a refund.  We send all the hair extensions via a tracked service with Royal Mail, if returning please do the same as they are a very expensive items.  We do not recommend sending hair back to us without paying for a tracked service, we use Royal Mail's Signed For service.

Clip in Hair Extensions near me

Undercover Glamour provides hair, beauty and lingerie accessories worldwide, our real hair extensions are really popular in the United States, Canada and Australia, as well as the UK.  We are based in Bury St Edmunds in Menta Business Centre, although we are not a shop (as primarily an ecommerce business) we love it when our customers visit us.  If you are local we prefer it if you visit as we can help you find the best hair extensions for you.  We provide a free colour matching service.  If you wish to visit us please arrange a time so we can make sure we are there for you, you can call us on 01284 723 246 or message on instagram @undercoverglamour for the quickest response, or send and email to Beth to arrange a time.