Fashion model, Victoria Brown shares her 5 top tips with you on our clip in hair extensions

30th Sep 2023

Victoria’s work and her instagram have blown up in the last year, so we catch up with her to find out some insider information.  We are so proud that Victoria has been wearing our clip in hair extensions, and I think you will agree they look absolutely incredible in her photos.  Victoria kindly shares how she got the look and shares her best tips with you.

Victoria Brown, wearing our Undercover Glamour hair extensions

Victoria, what is your favourite length of hair extensions to wear?
I love wearing the 20 inch hair extensions which match my own hair length.  This length is still long on me but is nice and natural.  I am 5ft 9 so to achieve the same look if you are say 5ft 5 I would recommend the 16 inch hair extensions.

Undercover Glamour 20 inch in length Deluxe clip in hair extensions

Why do you like wearing clip in hair extensions over permanent hair extensions?
Clip in hair extensions suit my lifestyle and I like my own natural hair look too.  For example, when I go to the gym, I don't have extensions in and it is easier and quicker to wash and dry just my natural hair for every day.  When I go to film premieres, fashion shoots and work etc. it is great to be able to upgrade my hair look with bigger hair styles which the clip in hair helps to achieve.   Clip in hair extensions are much easier to manage, and much cheaper too if you are happy just to save them for special occasions or for going out.  They are also less damaging to my own hair than permanent hair extensions as I am only wearing them occasionally.

You styled your hair extensions perfectly; how did you get this beautiful wavey look?
I actually got my amazing hair stylist, Paco Latorre to style my hair as he always does it beautifully.  He styled my new clip in hair extensions first before clipping them into my hair.  He used GHD Max hair straighteners to achieve natural looking waves and then used Olaplex Nourishing Hair Serum and Bonding Oil to style and tame fly aways.

Undercover Glamour 20 inch beautiful blonde highlights clip in hair extensions     

What do you prefer our Deluxe range of hair extensions or Classic range of hair extensions?
As my hair is naturally thick, I prefer the Deluxe clip in hair extensions as I only need to wear a few pieces to make a dramatic difference to my look.  There is almost double the amount of hair per hair piece with the Deluxe range compared to the Classic range.

And lastly how do you store your clip in hair extensions?
I like to brush my hair extensions before putting them away, so they stay nice and smooth.  I then fold them in half a few times and put a hair band around them, I feel that this keeps a nice natural wave to them while they are stored.  I then store them in a large, fabric makeup bag to keep them clean and to stop them tangling.

If you wish to learn more about our clip in hair extensions and hair pieces you can view the whole range at and you can see more of Victoria's work on our @undercoverglamour instagram and Victoria's personal instagram @victoria_valentine_brown

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