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Wigs, Hair Pieces and Hair Extensions Reviews - Testimonials

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The hair quality is absolutely amazing.  The service I received was even more amazing and efficient.

- Bethany - (United Kingdom)

I used to have permanent hair extensions, but, because of the nature of my work, I decided I needed something I could put in at the weekends and take out during the week.  I had no idea which colour to get but Catherine was really helpful and went the extra mile to help me choose some.

I would definitely recommend her, she gave a very friendly and helpful service.  I felt looked after during and after the sale.

I went for 12 inch length to add volume to my hair rather than length and they look very natural when they are in.

Very Pleased.

- Rachel (United Kingdom)

I love your brand.  Best hair extensions I have tried, hands down.

- Lauren Ladell (Wisconsin, United States)

Lauren is wearing our 22 inch, Classic (Triple Weft) Hair Extensions in colour #22 Hollywood Light Blonde.

The extensions look so good!! perfect color. Thank you sooo much I love them.  I didn't even wear the full set yet and still they looked so volumized.

- Maria Iqbal (Qatar)

Maria is wearing our classic range of Hair Extensions in Dark Brunette with Golden Blonde Highlights #4/18 and they are 20 inches long.

yolanda lynes model actress deluxe clip in hair extensions testimonial reviewMy deluxe clip in hair extensions are my secret weapon for perfect hair.

- Yolanda Lynes, Actress/Model (London, UK)

Yolanda is wearing our 18 inch, Deluxe(Quad Weft) Hair Extensions in colour #60 Barbie Blonde.

Amazing Service, Perfect Colour, Undercover Glamour Hair Extensions TestimonalsI am a hair extension lover for about 10 years now, have tried TONS of brands, priced low and high to figure out the best match for my hair, life style and budget. I went searching far and wide to find the best bargain and great quality. I found that with Undercover Glamour! I stumbled upon them over a YouTube review and thought "hey her hair looks amazing let's go check it out" to my surprise, I found tons of lengths and colors to pick from! Found my PERFECT color through the website and got quick and easy shipping. Customer service has been AMAZING the whole way through! Catherine has been wonderful and i'm 100% pleased with my purchases from Undercover Glamour.  I will be purchasing my next set of hair extensions from them again. Highly recommended.

- Alexis Somerville (Maryland, United States)

Alexis is wearing our Classic (triple weft) Clip in Hair Extensions in #18 Golden Blonde in 20 inches in length.

Definitely Ordering Again, Customer Testimonial, Barbie Blonde Hair ExtensionsI've been using these extensions for 3-5 months now.  They are very thick and luxurious!  Definitely will be ordering again!  Even the high end hair extensions can't compare to Undercover Glamour.

- Veronica Anderson (Michigan, United States)

Veronica is wearing our Classic (triple weft) Clip-in Hair Extensions in Barbie Blonde Highlights #60/22 in 18 inches in length.

Dark Brown 20 inch human hair extensionsI had damaged my hair just before my figure competition and was in desperate need of nice well priced extensions. I used a few other types of extensions none that lasted a long time and were pretty expensive. When searching through instagram I came across Undercover Glamour and I never thought I'd love hair extensions so much! They are so comfortable, easy to wear/style, good price range for the amount of hair, very full and yes, Glamourous! I won't buy hair extensions from another company now and when I stepped on stage they made me feel amazing as they blended so well you couldn't see the damage...(burnt off my hair in a bleach job) I received a lot of compliments and the staff are fast to respond and very friendly!

- Daniella Langmann (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Daniella is wearing our Classic (triple weft) Clip-in Hair Extensions in Dark Brunette #4 in 20 inches in length.

dark brunette blond highlighted human hair extensionsVariety of colors and styles available. I chose my set based on the description provided and they were perfect. Photos online can sometimes be distorted but these were spot on! The owner even reaches out to make sure you're happy with your purchase. Will definitely buy from them again.

- Kira Lyle (Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, United States)

Kira is wearing our Classic (triple weft) Clip-in Hair Extensions in Dark Brunette with Golden Blonde #4/18 in 18 inches in length.

short hair extensions, human hair in natural brownI bought hair extensions from undercover glamour, I was given really helpful advice to match my hair colour. 5 star customer service!  I'm so happy with my 16" hair extensions they are great quality and arrived quickly. I will be buying lashes and a stick on bra next!

- Alice Blake (Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UK)

Alice is wearing our Classic (triple weft) Clip-in Hair Extensions in Natural Brunette #6 in 16 inches in length.

ginger human hair extensionsThank you so much, so happy with them

- Cassie Robinson, (UK)

Cassie is wearing our Classic (triple weft) Clip-in Hair Extensions in Copper #350.

customer testimonial, blonde half wig natural wig, plaited hairband wigI love my half wig.  I can have full bouncy hair in 5 seconds.

- Nicole Larter (Suffolk, UK)

Nicole is wearing our Natural Half Wig With Plaited Headband.

jet black human hair extensions, clip in hairGreat product, company and customer service! :)

- Matea Grzeta (Zadar, Croatia)

Matea is wearing our Classic (triple weft) Clip-in Hair Extensions in Jet Black #1 in 22 inches in length.

Great service from Catherine, who went out of her way to accommodate me and help me choose the right colour, and length of hair extensions.  Good value product which I know will get lots of use.  Can’t wait to wear them tomorrow night!  Would definitely recommend the company and will take a look at their other products now.

- Mel (Cambridge, United Kingdom)


Blonde Human Hair Extensions Customer PicturesThese hair extensions are the best! I have long hair so the main reason why i use them is for a fuller look!  It is impressive how good the quality of the hair is!  I love to do all sorts of hairstyles to my hair and they stay on very well!

- Monica Gomez (Idaho, United States)

Monica is wearing our Classic (triple weft) Clip-in Hair Extensions in Light Brunette with Golden Blonde Highlights #8/18 in 20 inches in length.  In the picture, please note due to the light they look like our #22/18 colour.

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my recently purchased 16" clip in extensions.  Now I've mastered how to apply them and have given them a curl they look lovely, thanks.  I will return in the future.  Regards, Claire.

- Claire (UK)

I received my hair extensions!  They match my hair so perfectly.  I took them into the shower with me and washed and conditioned them.  Dried them partway then left them hanging over a towel to finish drying.  Can't wait to style them into my hair!  It will be fun to wear when I go out or for special occasions.

I've never owned hair extensions before, but saw some YouTubers demonstrate how easy they are to use so I thought it would be a fun accessory.  Just for fun I wore 3 pieces in my hair to work yesterday. (the full set is way too much for me).  Lots of compliments and one girl wanted some from your website!  

- Laura (UK)

The hair is absolutely AMAZING!!! so worth paying for.

- Saenuri Christy Park (Canada)

Dark Brown Hair Extensions ReviewI absolutely love the extensions I purchased from undercover glamour

- Sade Garay (Texas, United States)

Sade is wearing our Classic #1b Natural Black (triple weft), Clip-in Hair Extensions in 22 inches in length.


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the lovely hair extensions and for your assistance too. They are a perfect match for my hair and it was delivered quick too. Thank you again. I cant wait to try them on.

- Ayesha Alam (London, United Kingdom)

Ginger Hair Extensions USWe received the hair a day before Jessica's birthday party, it was just a little bit lighter but looked fabulous in her hair light highlights, so we are very pleased. The hair looks gorgeous. Thank you for such great customer service and responding back so soon and being on top of things I really appreciate it and will highly recommend your company to any one looking for hair extensions, thanks so much, Wendy Schmidt

- Wendy Schmidt (Kansas City, Missouri, United States)

Jessica is wearing our 20 inch, Classic Clip-in Hair Extensions in Light Auburn #12.  They are the triple weft range.


Red Hair Extensions CustomerThank you so much it's perfect

- Haley Jones (Staffordshire, United Kingdom)

Haley is wearing our full head of Red, Classic Clip-in Hair Extensions in 18 inches, they are triple weft.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the lovely hair extensions and for your assistance too. They are a perfect match for my hair and it was delivered quick too. Thank you again. I cant wait to try them on.

- Ayesha, (UK)

I received my hair extensions yesterday and I just wanted to write and say how thrilled I am. The colour match is perfect, the quality of the hair is amazing and the number of wefts is more than enough. I'll definitely be back for more! Thank you x

- Jo Warne (UK)

Got my extensions this morning they are fab :) thank you so much, I have passed your web address onto a few friends so hopefully they will order some too :)

- Lynsey (UK)

I received the hair extensions this morning, I love them! Thank you :)

- Stacey Cronin (UK)

I received my order yesterday. I wanted to thank you and the whole of the undercover glamour team. The hair is beautiful and a exact match to my hair. I can not emphasis how happy I am. 

Effective, good rates and the product is lovely. 

Expect more orders from myself and my Co workers! 

Wish you and the company the best of luck. 

- Harnet Bains (West Midlands, United Kingdom)

I love my extensions, they are such great quality! 

- Blake Hayes (Texas, United States)




Stick On Bra Reviews - Testimonials

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100% recommend!
I needed a discrete stick on bra for my outfit in the photo. It was suggested that I go for the Silicone party bra and I was not disappointed. It's stayed sticky after being worn multiple times throughout my week long cruise. Thank you for such an amazing service and for offering such a wide range of items for me to choose from!

- Meg Symonds (Suffolk, UK)

Meg is wearing our Silicone Stick on Bra

Adele Roche Wedding, Stick on Bra testimonial, i loved my wedding braI loved my lace wedding stick on bra, it gave me the perfect shape for my wedding dress.

- Adele Roche (Worcestershire, UK)

Adele is wearing our White, Lace Wedding Bra

Customer Testimonal, Stick on Bra Was Perfect For Wedding Dress, Undercover GlamourUndercover Glamour's stick on bra was perfect for my wedding dress.  Thank you x

- Emma Day (Suffolk, UK)

Emma is wearing our Silicone Stick on Bra

customer review undercover glamour perfect fit great product stick on bra wedding dressMyself and my bridesmaids used the stick on bras and hair pieces for my wedding in 2016, and they were perfect! Beautiful, high quality products, highly recommended. Amazing customer service too.

- Beki Sharman (Yeovil, Somerset, UK) 

Beki is wearing our Wedding Stick on Bra Wedding Bra

Great product.
I bought the silicon party bra to wear with a slink cowl back dress and it gave me a great shape and simple to use. i wear a lot of halter necks/plunge tops and dresses i used to wear strapless bras but they never stayed in place.
Stick on bras are the way forward!!!


- Alice Garwood (Suffolk, UK) - Silicone Party Bra

Delighted with product and it most certainly will allow me to wear a backless top, which otherwise would have been impossible.  

Thank you very much for such wonderful service, and I most certainly will be recommending your company and products to all my friends.

- Jules Rogers (Lancashire, UK) - Stick on Bra

Hi there,I purchased 2 sizes of the padded party bra and I have to say I'm really impressed! Absolutely love the bra and works well even though I have a small chest. Still not sure what size I need so might just keep both.Thanks ever so much,

- Melissa (UK) - Padded Stick on Bra




Nipple Cover Testimonials

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I don't like wearing a bra, so I have used Undercover Glamour Silicone Nipple Covers for several years now.  The website is easy to use, and the covers are excellent quality, a good price, and always arrive promptly.

- Beth Woodward (Hertfordshire, UK)  Nipple Covers

I am very pleased with the Nipple Covers and find that I can now wear T Shirts and other tops without being embarrassed by my Nipples showing through.  Undercover Glamour are very helpful and products arrive promptly.  I wish I havd discovered Nipple Covers years ago and thank you for your support and expertise.

- Frances Hooker (Dorset, UK) - Nipple Covers

I just wanted to you know that these nipple covers are the best thing I've ever bought!!. They are amazing. i have just ordered some more as want to keep some spare. I've told my friends about them so you should be getting some orders!! Thanks everso.

- Helen (UK) - Nipple Covers




Breast Form and Breast Enhancer Testimonials

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The size appears true to a D cup and it fit wells in the mastectomy pocket. Due to the flexibility of it, I can position it to suit my particular shape.

I've worn it both in a mastectomy T Shirt bra and a non-padded mastectomy bra....it looks completely natural under clothing. I don't wear oversized clothing and I feel confident wearing it. I genuinely think you would be hard pressed to see the difference. The weight is good for me too. I've worn it whilst on a long dog walk and even though I live in Spain, I didn't notice any particular feeling of sweatiness.

The 'nipple' doesn't bother me one way or the other, I think that's probably a personal choice.

I would be happy to recommend this to other people like me.

- Claire (Spain) - Tan Triangle Silicone Breast Forms

Hi. Just thought I would let you know how delighted I am with the triangle breast forms recently purchased. They are very realistic and even warm up to body temp after wearing them for a while Luv the fact that the nipples can be visible through my top when worn with a lacy bra. Highly delighted and would thoroughly recommend to any crossdresser. Thanks. Susan x

- Susan (UK) - Triangle Silicone Breast Forms

Great customer service, Catherine from Undercover Glamour was really helpful with helping me find the best shape and size for me.  I am really pleased with my lightweight breast form, I feel like a lady again, and feel a million dollars when going out.  I will be sure to recommend the company, thank you.

- Lilian (St Albans, UK) - Lightweight Breast Forms

I could not believe it when I came home today and there was a parcel waiting for me. I only ordered this on Sunday evening. What brilliant service. The size 5 breast prosthesis are fantastic and are certainly a generous 36B/38A. They work really well with a standard underwire bra with good cup cover and I don't feel the need to put them in a mastectomy bra. I may even order a pair in the smaller size 4 for a more discreet look when wearing tighter tops!!! The Bottom Enhancers are also superb giving just a little boost to one's derriere. I will certainly be shopping with you again.

- Susan Robertson (Dundee, Scotland) - Lightweight Breast Forms




Moon Cup Testimonials

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Menstrual cup for exerciseI love the Moon Cup as there is no waste to the environment, the number of tampons used is shocking when there are alternatives.  It is really time that we moved to environmentally friendly alternatives like the moon cup and this works when playing sports, going to the gym so is perfect.  I feel healthier using the Moon Cup as I personally feel tampons are not good for your health.  It also saves so much money! 

- Sarah Louise Johnson (London, UK) - Moon Cup




General Testimonials

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Fantastic company, professional, quality products to make you feel amazing in yourself!

- Andrea Priest (London, UK)

You have been wonderful. Thank you so much I will look for you on Instagram!

- Melissa Brown (Massachusetts, United States)

Thank you so much. My order arrived this morning. You really are stars, an investor of people. 

Looking forward to doing more business with you in future days.

- Anne Warner (Co Antrim, United Kingdom)

Thankyou so much for your speedy delivery and your product has changed my life x

- Emma-Jane Harper (Cornwall, United Kingdom)

Excellent service, I'll be sure to recommend you x

- Michelle Fallon (UK)

Thank you so much for your wonderful service.  I only ordered the bra strap cushions yesterday afternoon, 2nd class postage, and they have just popped through my letterbox. 

I am delighted.

- Barbara Nahari (Ilford, United Kingdom) - Bra Strap Cushions

Thank you so much, I can ensure you I will still purchase from you as your customer service is very good thank you for all your help.  Many thanks and i look forward to shopping with you again.

- rachael

Great products, easy to use, quick to purchase xxx

- Toni Underwood (Suffolk, United Kingdom)


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