Halloween Hair Ideas by Undercover Glamour

28th Oct 2017

Our hair extensions are a great way to add some glamour to Halloween so you still can go out looking and feeling glam, rather than feeling like just a spooky monster or ghoul!  We have added our bright red hair extensions to Nina's hair to give a dramatic look.  This look was actually created about 4 years ago by hair stylist, Tiffany and makeup by Alex Jones.  I still love it though and think it is great for Halloween.  You can also use the below idea to add our black hair extensions to you hair.

Before shot for hair extensionsBlack and Red Hair Extensions

Our clipin hair streaks are also a great way to add some Halloween colour to your hair for your night out without having to dye your hair.  Our black hair streaks have been super popular this month in the lead up to the Halloween parties, along with our red, purple and green hair streaks.  Nina shows us a great look with the purple hair streaks, pic below. 

Purple hair streaks, clipin  clipin purple Hair streaks

Another option is to use our synthetic wigs for your Halloween hair look.  As the party wigs are synthetic this is a cheaper option that the hair extensions.  We have purple and grey wigs and black hair pieces which are great for quickly adding more hair. 

Vlogger, Jade just created this cool, Gangsta Clown look for her Halloween party.  Jade is wearing our purple wig and eyelashes to create this look.  See our Enchanted range of eyelashes which are perfect for Halloween.  Watch her video to see how, below.  We would love you to share your Halloween looks with us, so please remember to tag us on instagram @undercoverglamour and/ or send your pics to us at info@undercover-glamour.com and have a Happy Halloween!

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