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Human Hair Streaks

You can achieve fun, fashion and a hint of adventure with Undercover Glamour's clip-in hair extensions streaks.  Simply add the hair streaks to highlight and add colour tones to your hair.  You can choose from a subtle hint of colour with our natural range of hair colours or a real zap of colour with our pink and purple clip-in hair extension streaks.  The hair streaks also help to add volume to your hair.   The hair is sourced ethically. 

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Highlighted Shades
#8/18 - Light Brunette with Golden Blonde Highlights
#18/22 - Golden Blonde with Natural Light Blonde Highlights
Blonde Shades
#18 - Golden Blonde
#22 - Natural Light Blonde
#60 - Barbie Blonde
Brunette Shades
#4 - Dark Brunette
#6 - Natural Brunette
Black Shades
#1 - Jet Black
Auburn Shades
#33 - Auburn
#99j - Mahogany
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