What does Balayage Mean?

29th Sep 2017

The word balayage is taken from the French word meaning “to sweep”.  So, on your own hair the effect is created by sectioning your hair and hand painting the lightening agent on.  The highlights are not systematically placed and therefore you end up with more random highlights, and thicker highlights which gives the desired sunkissed look.  Balayage is so popular as the highlights are more natural than say traditional foil highlights, which look thinner and more rigidly placed.

Story of our Balayage Hair Extensions

We have followed the trend and your requests for more balayage hair extensions by expanding our range and offering lots of amazing colour blends to give the natural highlighted look.  We were already making some balayage hair extensions before the trend started.  We have been making brunette with golden blonde highlights (colour no.4 mixed with colour no.18) extensions for years as I wanted to add some highlights to my own hair look with extensions, so I created them.  Ha!  I am such a trend setter!  Pic below, left (pic showing our triple weft full head sets).

brown blonde balayage clipin hair extensions       California Blonde Highlights Clipin Hair Extensions, Balayage

Recently we have started having lots of requests for our Intense Dark Brunette to have Natural Brown Highlights, and for our Natural Brown to have Dark Blonde highlights (called our Caramel Almond Blend). We listened to your requests and we made these colour blends in every length from 12 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch and 22 inches in length. They look stunning and the hair quality is amazing we are so pleased with them, see pics below.  We have also added some gorgeous blonde mixes, my favourite being the new California Blonde extensions which is a mix of 3 different shades of blonde.  As shown in the pic above, right.

caramel highlights, balayage clipin hair extensionsbalayage dark brown & caramel highlights, hair extensions

We currently have 7 different colour mixes/ bayalage effects in our range.  However, we are keen to expand this.  So please get in touch with us to suggest your desired colour blend for a bayalage effect if we are not already making it, and hopefully we will be able to create this for you.  You can reach us on our facebook page, or via instagram @undercoverglamour  or just email us :)




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