Clip in Hair Extensions, Hair Pieces and Clip in Hair Streaks

12 inch to 24 inch, available in Deluxe and Classic styles

Choose your perfect colour, style and length below.

Classic Full Head - Clip In Hair Extensions

Look like a celebrity with our 12inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch or 24 inch in length, full head, triple weft, clip in hair extensions. With a generous amount of hair per set it will guarantee ultra long, fuller and thicker looking hair. 100% REMY hair, tangle free and of the highest quality.
Each set is made up of 6 pieces of hair, all triple wefted.

From £69.99 - £179.99

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Deluxe Full Head - Clip-In Hair Extensions

Undercover Glamour's Deluxe Clip in Hair Extensions are our thickest, softest and silkiest hair extensions yet. They are quadruple weft, 100% remy, human hair extensions, with 6 pieces of hair per set, and almost double the thickness of our triple weft hair extensions. The Deluxe Hair Extensions are popular for big events such as weddings and proms.

From £234.99 - £289.99

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Hair Piece

Add volume and thickness to your hair with one or more of our 18 inch or 22 inch Hair Pieces. Get our new and improved triple weft Hair Pieces for more hair with less clips. Each set is 1 piece of hair per pack; one piece of hair is 6 inches wide with 3 clips. Our Hair Pieces are an affordable way to add more thickness to your hair without having to purchase a whole, full head of hair. They are also the perfect solution if you wish to add colour to your hair.

From £12.99 - £29.99

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Hair Streaks

Add colour to your hair with our glossy human Hair Streaks, get the Katy Perry look by adding bright blue, purple and bright pink hair streaks. Or, add subtle highlights to your hair with our natural colours of hair streaks.
Each set is made up of; 2 strips of hair, each strip has 1 clip and is 1 inch wide.

From £3.99 - £12.99

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Hair Styling

Check out the range of hair stylers from Dive Pro Hair Styling. The best styling tools to safely curl, straighten and style your human hair extensions.

From £120

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Hair Care

Find hair care products that are suitable to use with your hair extensions and on your own hair. Shop now for cleansing shampoos, hydrating conditioners, nourishing hair masks and smoothing oils.

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Not sure which is best for you? Browse through, and compare our entire range of Human Hair Extensions. From our colourful Hair Streaks for a vibrant splash of colour, to our Deluxe Clip in Hair Extensions, our thickest, softest most beautiful Hair Extensions yet.

From £3.99 - £289.99

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Clip in Hair Extension Options

Which Clip in Hair Extensions should you choose?

First of all you need to decide what hair look you wish achieve.


Are you aiming to make your hair longer?

If you are looking to make your hair longer you will need to select our Full Head range of Hair Extensions.  We offer a Classic range and a Deluxe range.  The Classic range is best suited to everyday wear as they are nice and light on your own hair and they are also great if you have thin and fine hair.  If you have super thick hair and wish to make your hair longer you will need to select our Deluxe range for the hair extensions to blend naturally.  The Deluxe hair extensions are also your perfect choice for nights out and special occasions if you are looking to have super thick, luscious looking hair.


Are you aiming to make your hair thicker?

If you wish to make your hair thicker rather than longer our Clip in Hair Pieces could be a cheaper option for you.  The Hair Piece is one piece of hair so you can buy one or two Hair Pieces rather than having to buy a whole head of hair, as our Full Head of Hair Extensions have 6 pieces per set.  If you have really fine and thin hair you may want to buy our Classic range to help make your hair look thicker, and if you want super thick looking hair then you will need our Deluxe range.


Are you aiming to add colour to your hair?

If you are looking to add highlights or lowlights to your own hair then our Clip in Hair Streaks are perfect.  Our Hair Pieces and Hair Streaks are also a great way to add colour to your own hair and we offer some really fun colours such as our Pink Hair Pieces and we have Blue Hair, Purple, Pink, Red and even Green Hair in our Clip in Hair Streak range.

We also have a lovely range of Balayage and Natural Hair Mixes in our Full Head of Hair Extensions ranges and our Hair Pieces to bring energy and colour contrast to your own hair.


Are you looking for a party look and to stand out from the crowd?

Our Deluxe Clip in Hair Extensions will give you the ultimate look of luxury, made from our finest, remy hair and with so much hair on each piece (quad weft) you will have the most luxurious hair of all.

If you are looking for a fun, stand out look our coloured Clip in Hair Pieces and Hair Streaks will definitely get you noticed.  Our colour hair streaks will work well for festival and party looks.  You have a choice of pink, blue, purple, green and red hair to clip in and blend with your own hair.

You may also be interested in our synthetic half wigs, and colour party wigs.  Our hairband half wig is the quickest way to get bouncy, full, party hair as you simply put it on just like a normal hairband.


Classic Full Head - Clip-in Hair Extensions

Our Classic range of Clip in Hair Extensions is our most popular range.  These hair extensions will be perfect for you for everyday use and for special occasions.  They are all 100% human, remy hair.

This range offers the most options on colours and lengths.  If you are looking for short or really long hair extensions you will find them with this range, as they are available in 12 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch and now 24 inches in length.

If you are 5ft 5 the 18 inch hair extensions will fall just below your bra strap line, and if you are 5ft 9 the 22 inch option will fall just below the back bra strap line.  When selecting the length of hair extensions, keep in mind how tall you are.  The Classic range Hair Extensions are triple weft (meaning there are three layers of hair on each piece) so they are lovely and thick and they are also double drawn, meaning they stay lovely and thick at the ends too.


Deluxe Full Head - Clip-in Hair Extensions

Our Deluxe Hair Extensions are for ultimate luxury.  They have nearly double the amount of hair than our Classic range Hair Extensions, so you will get boosted volume, more thickness and more gloss.  The Deluxe are the Ferrari of Hair Extensions.  This means if you can afford them you would buy them!  The quality and the grade is incredible.  However, like a Ferrari they are not always so practical for everyday use, as they have so much hair on each piece they are heavier on your head than our Classic range, so we would advise to wear the Classic range for everyday wear, and Deluxe for your nights out and special occasions.

The Deluxe Hair Extensions are quad weft, which means there are four layers of hair on each piece (the Classic range has three layers of hair on each piece), so each hair piece is super thick.  The extensions are made from the finest quality of remy, human hair so they guarantee to give you silky soft, luxurious hair. 

The Deluxe Hair Extensions are available in 18 inch, 20 inch and 22 inches in length. 


Clip in Hair Piece

If you want to add more volume and thickness to your hair, then Undercover Glamour’s Clip in Hair Piece is an amazingly affordable option for you. The Hair Piece has 25 grams of hair for the 18 inch, and 35 grams of hair for the 22 inch piece.  Please note this is not enough to make your hair longer, to make your hair longer you would need 90 grams of hair or more.  The Hair Piece is great to use if your aim is to make your hair look thicker.

The Hair Piece is also a really quick short term solution for following different celebrity hair styles. You could try the dip-dyed look like Jessie J, by simply adding several sets of Bright Red Hair Pieces under your own hair to achieve a natural looking dip-dyed look.  Or, you could go for the Christina Aguilera or Lady Gaga look if you are blonde by adding the Black Hair Piece under your own hair.  Also, the Pink Hair Pieces are a really trendy way to instantly have Pink Hair.

All our Hair Pieces are 100% human, remy hair.  The Clip in Hair Pieces are available in lots of shades of blonde, reds, browns, blacks and balayage hair mixes.


Clip in Hair Streaks

The bright coloured hair streaks are great for keeping up on hair trends and are great fun for parties and dressing up.  A look that can be easily achieved with our hair streaks is Katy Perry’s pink, purple and blue streaked party look, this can instantly be achieved by clipping in several sets of brightly coloured hair streaks to your own hair.

If you want to have a highlighted look without forking out lots of money at the hairdressers, simply add a few sets of our natural coloured hair streaks that are a shade lighter than your own hair to get the same effect.

Our Hair Streaks are 18 inches in length and are all 100% human hair.  The Hair Streaks are available in blonde, red, brown, black and bright colours, including purple hair, pink, blue and green hair.