Eylure - Fluttery Intense No.179 - False Eyelashes

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Eylure's Fluttery Intense lashes in style no.179 are a full style of lashes for those of you that want to really make your eyes stand out.  A thick but wispy lash that has been designed to open up your eyes with some longer strands towards the centre. 

  • Long and full lashes
  • Wispy and dramatic style
  • Beautifully made
  • Lash adhesive included
  • Contact lens friendly

A beautiful set of Doll shaped lashes with a natural appearance that is guaranteed to add volume and capture the beauty of your eyes.

Additional Information

Eylure's fluttery no.179 lashes are Doll shaped, meaning they have longer lashes in the middle, this style of lash is great for those with downturned eyes as they will really lift the eye and open it up.  This lash will suit all eye types as it is soft and not too heavy.  The longer lashes make it an ideal choice for evening occasions.

How to Apply and Remove Strip Lashes