Eylure Naturals - No.035 Strip Lashes

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These lovely strip lashes from Eylure's Naturals range are medium length with a slight criss-cross pattern.  The individual clusters of lashes vary in length making them look natural while still making your eyes pop.  Eylure's no. 035 eyelashes are our favourite lashes for a natural bridal look and for everyday wear, they are beautifully designed and styled in the same way as your own lashes, adding more length and volume.

  • Medium length lashes
  • Perfect lash style for hooded eyes, downturned eyes and wide-set eyes
  • Handmade and reusable up to 5 times
  • Eylure's new 18 Hour Lash Glue included
  • Contact lens friendly


Additional Information

How to Apply and Remove Strip Lashes

Bridal makeup artist, Lily Thomas says Eylure's no. 035 lashes are her go to for her natural bridal makeup looks.  They are a natural medium length lash which will enhance your eyes, giving you extra glamour whilst keeping it looking natural.  This is also Catherine's, our company director's favourite lash to wear for daytime events.