How to Apply and Remove Strip Lashes

For the easiest lash application, our celebrity makeup artist, Alex Waring shares her top tips:

1.  Apply eyeliner, eye-shadow and mascara before applying false eyelashes.

2.  Place the false eyelashes onto your eyelids to check they fit your eye size. If the lash is too long you can trim the outer ends with scissors to achieve the desired length.

3.  Apply a thin line of glue to the strips on the false eyelashes, leave for about 30 seconds until the glue becomes tacky/ sticky, but not so it dries.

4.  Place the eyelash on the outer side of your eyelid first, and then place the other end to your inner side of the eyelid, making sure the lash is as near to your own lash line as possible, then pat down to stick the lash to your eyelid. Alex recommends using either an orange wood stick, tweezers or an eyelash applicator as this will help you get the false eyelashes as close to your eyelash line as possible.

5.  If there is still a small gap between your eyelashes and the false eyelashes, fill this gap with eyeliner.

6.  Once the false eyelashes are in place and secure you are ready to party.

Tip: Never tug on the false eyelashes to remove them; soften the glue first with warm water and then they will come away easily.

How to remove strip lashes:

The best way to remove false eyelashes is to dab the top of the lashes with either warm water, eyelash remover or eye makeup remover to loosen the adhesive.  Once the adhesive has weakened you can start to gently pull the false eyelashes off.  Remove the remains of the adhesive on your eyelids by dabbing more warm water, eyelash remover or eye makeup remover on the area.  Alternatively, lashes will always come off in the shower!


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