Winter, Beauty and Makeup Tips, Q & A with Makeup Artist, Alex Waring

9th Dec 2013

Updated on 27th March, 2020 (Alex Jones is now Alex Waring).


Celebrity makeup artist, Alex Waring (pic below) answers your winter beauty questions.

Alex Jones Make Up Artist


Hi Alex,
How can you stop a red lipstick from smudging?
Sarah Louise Johnson, Fashion Photographer, London

A long wear matte lipstick is the way to go if you want a full on colour that won’t budge. Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet is one of my faves. Make sure your lips are properly moisturised before application though as a long wear product can be a little drying. Applying a matching lip liner before the lipstick will give you both a precise edge and added staying power.


Hi Alex,
What colour of eyeshadow do you recommend if you have green eyes?

When choosing an eye shadow to suit your eye colour, complimentary opposites will be the most flattering. Earthy tones, warm browns, copper, burgundy and purples will make green eyes look greener.

Alex working on Nina Hearne's eyes on our Undercover Glamour hair extension fashion shoot, pic below.

Makeup artist Alex Waring with Nina Hearne

Can you recommend a product for dry, chapped skin on my hands in the cold weather?
Jackie Brown, business owner, Suffolk

I’m a big fan of a good hand cream, particularly one with an SPF as my hands are always exposed to the cold when shooting on location. I tend to use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream with SPF 25.  If you have already got problem skin, and dry cracks, I recommend using, Lucas Papaw Ointment on top of using hand lotion as mentioned above.


Hi Alex,
What’s the best way to cover a spot?

When covering spots, less is most definitely more! Applying endless layers of foundation will only emphasize bad skin, instead make sure skin is clean and moisturised where needed, avoiding products that may irritate affected areas. Simply taking away redness can massively reduce the appearance of blemishes even before applying a concealer. First, I use Boots No7 Green Colour Calming Primer in any problem areas. I would then apply my usual foundation or tinted moisturiser over the top before applying concealer where needed. For a particularly nasty blemish, my trick is to draw an “X” across the spot with your concealer (ideally using a cotton bud or a concealer brush that you’re able to wash afterwards to avoid spreading of the infected area) By making an “X” you are able to soften the edges of the concealer with a blending brush without touching the head of the spot which would usually need the most amount of coverage. I would then gently pat a setting powder onto the top. I’ve always used Kryolan’s Dermacolor camouflage creme palette in my kit for any spot emergency!


Can I apply fake tan to my face without it clogging in my pores?
Catherine Peck, director of Undercover Glamour

It is so important to prep your skin before applying self-tan by exfoliating and moisturising, especially when it comes to your face. For example, most of us have a skin care regime we follow before we put our foundation on to ensure it glides on with a flawless finish, well the same rule applies when applying fake tan to your face. I often use a separate face tanner because I find my face needs a little more TLC than the rest of me! My favourite at the moment is St Tropez Everyday Face as it moisturises and contains vitamin E to help reduce the appearance of fine lines too. Oily skin can be particularly prone to open pores so using an oil control lotion on a regular basis could help.


Alex Waring Bio:

After studying Art and design, Alex went on to do a degree in specialist makeup whilst assisting various established artists.  She now has over 7 years experience working on commercials, music promos, film and editorial projects as a makeup artist and hair stylist.

Alex has a very keen eye for detail, she’s extremely hard working, very smiley, very easy going and could happily work just the same whether on location, on a moving bus or in a studio… (spoken from experience!)

You can contact Alex Waring by her Insta @makeupbyalex and via her website,

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