What is Double Drawn Hair? What is Remy Hair? Understanding the Terms Used for Hair Extensions.

17th Aug 2014

You will never know whether the hair extensions you are buying are worth the price until you understand the terms used. Below is a brief explanation of what the above terms mean so you can make a better decision on what you are purchasing.

Remy Hair

This type of hair is collected only from one source as a ponytail. Collecting the hair in this way will guarantee the cuticles in the hair are all facing the same way, note in the image below how the hair looks close up and see how the cuticles are all facing downwards.  Remy hair means the hair is less prone to tangling due to the hair strands all lying in the same direction.  It is more expensive to collect the hair in this way, and to make sure it stays in this shape all the way to the finished product.  On receiving the hair it will be difficult to tell if it is non remy hair or remy hair but you will notice when you start to wear the hair extensions as to whether they stay lovely and straight.

Hair Follicles

Non-Remy Hair

This is also known as “Fallen Hair”. This hair is collected from more than one source (often picked up from the floor!) and as a result the tops and tips of the hair get mixed up. This means that the cuticles in the hair are facing in different directions, making it prone to tangling. There are two types of non-Remy hair, either raw or finished. Finished hair is treated with acid to remove the cuticles and then dipped in silicone to give it a smooth shiny finish, whereas raw hair is untreated.

Single Weft, Double Weft, Triple Weft and Quad Weft

Clip-in hair extensions are made by stitching the hair into a long strip, also known as a weft, onto which the clips can then be sewn. When two of these strips of hair are sewn together, this is called Double Weft, meaning the hair is twice as thick giving more hair on each hair piece. Triple Weft hair is made by sewing three strips of the hair together. This is the recommended option for every day wear as you get a lot more hair in each hair piece, and will give you a thicker, fuller head of hair with fewer clips.  Quad Weft hair is created by sewing 4 wefts (strips) of hair together for the thickest, fullest hair extensions on the market, making them the perfect extensions for special occasions, such as birthdays, parties and weddings (for both bridesmaid hair AND bridal hair).  Here at Undercover Glamour, we offer both Triple Weft hair (Classic range) and Quad Weft hair (Deluxe range).  We recommend the Classic (triple weft) extensions for those of you with finer hair that are looking for both thicker and longer locks.  They will blend effortlessly with your hair giving you a fuller luscious hair style, perfect for day to day wear.  Our Deluxe (quad weft) hair is recommended for shorter thicker hair, to give beautiful, silky length while helping to blend the extensions with your own real hair, or for longer hair to create out-of-this-world volume and perfect the amazing wedding day looks.

Natasha yexley, model in quad weft deluxe hair extensionsnatasha yexley wearing black hair extensions super thick

Pictured above is our beautiful Natasha, wearing our deluxe human hair extensions in colour #1b.  See how well the quad weft hair blends with her short bob haircut.

Pictured below is the stunning Isabelle, who is wearing our triple weft, classic hair extensions in colour number 60/22/18.  They have given Isabelle beautiful golden locks that are thick and luscious.

Isabelle wearing blonde triple weft classic hair extensionsMulti blonde human hair extensions super thick

Single or Double Drawn Hair

The hair is collected from the donor in a ponytail. Not only does collecting it this way ensure that it is Remy Hair, but when the hair is collected like this, it will be a variety of lengths as with your own natural hair. When the hair is Single Drawn, it means that some of the shorter hairs have been removed, thus giving a more even hair length. Double Drawn Hair is drawn for a second time to remove even more of the shorter hairs, and the procedure is done by hand.  Double Drawn Hair is by far the best, as the ends of the hair are almost 100% as thick as the tops of the hair. This is the most popular type of hair as is gives the thickest, fullest looking hair you can imagine and it will not be straggly at the ends.  However, if you did not want to spend the extra money on double drawn hair extensions, a way to get round this would be buying longer hair extensions and then asking your hair dresser to cut them for you.


As we all know, Human Hair Extensions aren’t cheap, but as long as you know what you are buying, better quality hair will give you better looking and longer lasting hair extensions.  You can see our range of clip in hair extensions at https://undercover-glamour.com/hair-extensions/clip-in/


undercover glamour clip in remy human hair extensions

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