Unicorn Hair – Get the Rainbow Hair look with Hair Extensions

30th Apr 2018

As requested by so many of our lovely customers, we will soon be introducing a beautiful range synthetic hair extensions.  The silky, soft extensions will offer the same full and glamorous look but at a much lower cost.

Our Human Hair Extensions are already available on our website.  They look and feel just like your own hair and can be treated as such (that means curling, straightening and styling as usual). 

Our new synthetic, clipin hair extensions are very soft and shiny.  While the hair extensions look and feel like real human hair, they cannot be styled with heated tools.  This means you may have to choose pre-styled hair extensions to achieve the desired look… but you’re in luck, we will be offering straight, wavy AND curled extensions so you can take your pick (or choose all for versatility).

Our favourite sample that we created is what we call “My Little Pony Hair Extensions”.  They are multi-coloured with bright AND pastel colours.  We will be stocking a few varieties of colour, so let us know if there is any particular colour you’d love to see!

I already have really long and thick hair, so I don’t generally wear hair extensions but because these are colourful, I tried the opal hair on for a hidden rainbow effect… and they were beautiful.
The hair is super thick and lovely, and worked really well in my very light blonde hair.

Don’t they just look amazing?

Model showing beautiful unicorn clip-in hair extensionsRainbow hair, clip in hair extensions

Email us and let us know what colours, styles and lengths you would like to see on our website.

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