Things Models Do Wrong

16th Jul 2017

Sarah Louise Johnson has been working as a fashion photographer for over 12 years and wants to share her experience with models to help them be best prepared on jobs and to look professional.   Sarah's work includes Bridal for Conde Nast Brides, OK Fashion Pages, Reveal Fashion Pages, and Timotei Hair Products.

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Her most famous celebrity to date that she has photographed is Prince Charles!   Sarah is also our favourite photographer for our Undercover Glamour shoots. 

Sarah shares her frustrations as a photographer about facial hair, arm hair, nails, hair and contact lenses, see her tips below to make sure you are not turning up to shoots committing any of these modelling crimes!

Sarah's Top Tips for Models;

1. Bring a selection of skin coloured and seamless (invisible) underwear. Even though a stylist will be there to provide clothes she often won’t bring along underwear for the model and it is hugely helpful when the model brings her own.  If you are modelling lingerie or swimwear you will want to take a skin coloured thong to wear.  Stick on bras, nipple covers, fashion tape and a range of breast enhancers are all items you should have in your kit bag to help work with the clothes. If you are doing a swimwear shoot wearing a silicone stick on bra underneath is a really great idea as it gives you a lovely smooth shape and prevents the problem of nipple poke through.  Having a set of chicken fillets with you and a padded bra is really helpful if say the bra or top does not fit you, you have something on hand to solve that problem.

2. Body hair!  As a professional retoucher and photographer I often hear models say “so sorry I have a spot is this a big problem?” A spot or two is very easy to remove in post production one thing that is not easy to remove is dark arm hair. I don’t have a personal problem with dark arm hair but it doesn’t tend to look very good in beauty shots and if you have particularly dark hairs on your arms and are modelling professionally I would really suggest arm waxing, shaving or an alternative. Facial hair is also a problem even when it’s blonde as it can be a nightmare to get rid of in photoshop and stand out in pictures even when you can’t see it in person. Undercover Glamour sell a great hair removal tool for the upper lip that is easy to use and has great results which I really recommend, see, Tweezy and the Epilator Stick.  They also have tweezers, and brow shapers which are useful for your kit bag.

3. Hair. It really helps to come with freshly washed hair to shoots with no product. If you have hair extensions bring them along too the hair stylist may be able to incorporate them.  If you know your hair is not the thickest then you should come prepared with hair extensions and offer them to the stylist as an option, especially if most of your images that they have selected you from have been when you have had hair extensions in.  I have shot lots of model images for Undercover Glamour for their hair extension range and can thoroughly recommend their hair for quality. 

Blonde hair model           Brunette hair model

4. Please try to avoid wearing contact lenses for beauty. Whilst they can look great for fashion especially coloured ones, they really don’t work close up. The texture stands out way more than you can see in real life.

5. If the shoot is on location bring all supplies and be prepared for weather changes as this is the UK.  Make sure you have sunscreen and a loose sun hat (to avoid messing your hair) or an umbrella if hot, and for cooler days a super warm thick coat, you will find it is your saviour between shots!  Tights are also another good thing to bring to shoots especially in winter to slip under long dresses for extra warmth when appropriate!  Be prepared.

6. Nails, smaller shoots often won’t have a manicurist on set so make sure you turn up with natural nice nails. Even if it’s just a basic manicure or some stick on nails. Retouching chipped off paint or odd nails can be a real problem later.

7. Hair. Please keep your roots in tact unless you have a two tone. It can be almost impossible to match up hair. If you are modelling professionally keeping on top of coloured hair can be a huge bonus.

You can follow Sarah on Instagram and see the rest of her Timotei campaign @sarahlouisejohnsonphoto

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For Hair Extensions see and for fashion & beauty tips follow @undercoverglamour


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