Stick on Bra Challenge

19th Apr 2017

When we decided to do the Stick on Bra Challenge we had no idea what to expect, all we knew was that we wanted something fun and energetic to prove the adhesive on our bras works.  We contact Mike Cross at Castle Capers several weeks before to see what he had to offer.  Out of the many exciting activities and inflatables he had, we finally narrowed it down to the Rodeo Bull and a colourful Bouncy Castle.  He even offered up his location for the shoot.  It would also make a great location for other events, like weddings or kids birthday parties.

Stick on bra challenge, models on bouncy castle
















Once we had arranged the location and "props" for the photo shoot, we contacted stunning fitness model, Sarah and the beautiful stunt woman, Lucy Jayne Murray who were so excited to take part in the challenge (in the pic above).

We met Sarah and Lucy at Clarice House in Bury St Edmunds, alongside talented Fashion Photographer and close friend, Sarah Louise Johnson and top Beauty Make Up Artist, Sian Duke to do makeup and styling and take some behind the scenes and pre-shoot photos before heading off to Castle Capers for the challenge.  The rooms at Clarice House are absolutely beautiful (the wallpaper made a fantastic backdrop for the photo's, see below) and the staff are so welcoming and helpful.  Pics below, Catherine on the left and Sarah on the right.

Catherine Peck hair extensions

stick on bra model E cup








Our Operations Manager, Beth, was waiting for us at Castle Capers after assisting Mike and setting up the activities.  We were now all ready and prepared for the exciting challenge, and couldn't wait to have a laugh on the Rodeo Bull.  There are several problems you could face while using a stick on bra.  If you have not cleaned your skin properly before wearing the bra, if you applied moisturiser, perfume or baby powders to the area, or if you have stuck the bra to damp/ sweaty skin the bra may fail.  But we are here to show you how well they work when you do it right.  We tested several of the bras and their ability to remain stuck.  All of them passed the test, despite the blazing sun and vigorous movement from the rodeo bull.  Even Company Director, Catherine took part in the challenges.  Needless to say, the bras stayed on... even if the girls couldn't

Stick on bra challenge, B cupStick on bra challenge








If these photos and videos haven't quite convinced you, we really would love to go back and do more challenges with the log slammer and assault courses.  So, any local models or girls that are interested on taking up these challenges should get in touch with us at

See more pics and the videos on our instagram @undercoverglamour and our facebook page.

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*Although we have proved the bras stick well and stay on, the bras are not designed to be worn all day without some support.  We recommend only wearing them with a supportive top or dress around the bust area, and always remember to rinse after every use, air dry and replace the protective film to ensure it remains as sticky as possible.

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