Stick on Bras, Hair Extensions and Lingerie Accessories in Bury St Edmunds

10th Nov 2022

Did you know our Stick on Bras, Hair Extensions and Lingerie Accessories are based in Bury St Edmunds? 

Undercover Glamour has been based in Bury St Edmunds now since 2009, so we loved taking part in the West Suffolk Business Festival with our Pop-up Stall in Hanchet Square on the 3rd October, 2022 to showcase our products.  Menta Business kindly provided us with a Pop-Up Shop for the day to help create local awareness that we are here in Bury St Edmunds! 

Stick on Bras and Lingerie Accessories in Bury St Edmunds

The West Suffolk Business Festival was a really fun day, and it was great to step out of the office and display our products rather than just routinely packing them up for all the online orders.  As an e-commerce business which is predominantly online, our stick on bras, breast enhancers, hair extensions and lingerie accessories are being shipped worldwide daily.  Our nipple covers have been shipped as far as The British Virgin Islands, Fiji and the Solomon Islands.  Our clip in hair extensions are most popular in the US and Canada, and our Breast Forms for Mastectomies are regularly being shipped out as far as India, Norway and Finland.  What has always suprised me is our lack of local customers!  So it was great to take part and support our local business festival in Bury St Edmunds, to create awareness.

Business Festival Bury St Edmunds - Catherine Peck Undercover Glamour Pop up Shop

We had lots of interest from those of you that did stop by, so thank you.  Unfortunately the footfall was low but this was due to it being on a Monday when most of you are hard at work or at college!  We absolutely love having customers visiting our office and helping you find the perfect product.  With the clip in hair extensions we offer a free colour matching service and it is always much easier to view and test the hair in person to get a perfect match.  So if you are looking for hair extensions in the area, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you in person.  The same goes with our stick on bras, and breast enhancers, you are welcome to come in a view the products and see what suits you best.

Stick on Bra Bury St Edmunds

We are based in the Bury St Edmunds Menta Building on Eastern Way and Beth and I have been here for 10 years!  You may have heard of Menta if you are in East Anglia?  Menta help micro business and startups, providing free training and advice, and offering affordable work spaces.  We share the Menta Building in Bury St Edmunds with some other great local beauty businesses; Tik tok viral, scented fake tan company, Freshly Baked London (products displayed in the picture above);  Venus Beauty who specialise in permanent makeup including brows, lips, lashes and liner and also offer accredited lash extension and henna brow training courses;  and FLTR Aesthetics that offer dermal fillers, Aqualyx injections and other confidence boosting beauty treatments.

If you do wish to come and see us for your stick on bras and hair extensions, and more, please get in touch with us to arrange a time so we can make sure we are there for you and can allocate the time to help you.  You can reach out to us on 01284 723246 or via our Insta @undercoverglamour or try my personal Insta @catherinepeck1 and hopefully we will see you soon.

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