Stick on Bras for the bigger Bust

30th Oct 2013

Updated on 31st March, 2020

Please note we now have A to G cup stick on bras available.  You can view the range at

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30th Oct 2013 - Original News Article;

We catch up with Catherine Peck, the company director to hear her developments for the business, and the launch of larger stick on bras for the bigger bust!

What developments have taken place with the stick on bras?
Catherine: We have been working hard to improve our range of stick on bras for our customers, 6 months ago we added the extra padded stick on bra to the range which has been incredibly popular.  I am a personal fan of our padded fabric stick on bra, I love the round and smooth shape the bra gives under your clothes and I love the fact that it makes my bust look a little bigger, which makes me feel more confident in my outfit.

The Ultra Padded Party Bra is my favourite stick on bra as it has the “wonderbra” effect.  It has foam push up pads inside the bra cups (as shown in the picture below) which keeps the extra padding light and comfortable. I have been wearing this bra in the B Cup for modelling jobs and for nights out as it is perfect under all dresses and sports tops; there are no straps on show and it pushes me up an extra cup size, creating a lovely rounded bust shape.

If you are an A cup or B cup or small C cup I would really recommend this adhesive bra (Ultra Padded Party Bra) over our standard Party Bra (with no extra padding) as it gives you that little bit extra on your bust. The padded stick on bra has been so successful we will also be able to offer our customers the product in Black from December, 2013.

adhesive stick on bra
Updated on 31st March, 2020

We have added many more choices of stick on bras since this original article.  We now have a bridal range of stick on bras which are very popular with brides for their wedding day.  We also, have many more padded options of stick on bras including the bridal stick on bras and silicone padded stick on bras.  We have padded stick on bras from A cup to DD cup and our adhesive bra range is from A cup to G cup.

Constant demand for stick on bras for the bigger bust.
When we launched Undercover Glamour in October 2009 we only sold the stick on bras in A cup to D cup.  As the stick on bras are on the smaller side the D cup fits a full 32D, 34C, 36B.  For more information on the sizing you can see our Stick on Bra Size Guide.  We had lots of customers that were a bigger size that were buying the D cup in hope that they could squeeze into it, when they were say a 34DD or even a 34E and then returning the bra saying that unfortunately the bra cups were too small and it was a real shame that we did not have a bigger size.

We quickly learnt that it was a must that we had the next size up. Initially we did not think that the larger busted woman would want to wear a stick on bra as the larger your bust the heavier it is, and there is only so much a stick on bra can do, as without straps you cannot hold up the bust.  Clearly, we were wrong and that there is a want for stick on bras for the larger busted lady.  We quickly brought in the DD cup which is suitable for 32DD, 34D, 36C. The DD cup in both the Silicone Stick on Bras and the Fabric Stick on Bras (The Party Bra) has been the best cup size seller to date. This is not really a surprise since it is said that the average UK Bra Size is 34DD.

Once we had the DD cup in stock we had the same issue as with when we only had the D cup in stock. Customers that were say a 34E or say a 34F were buying the DD cup hoping they could fit into it. The customers would then have to return the stick on bra as it did not fit (which our size guide does point out)!  We asked the customers if they would want to exchange for the larger sized stick on bra if we did have this item in stock, and if they thought it would work and give them the support they needed. The customer answer was always a "yes".  So here we are, we have finally produced the E and F cup stick on bra and it will be ready for you to buy this December, 2013. 

Updated on 31st March, 2020

The demand for the larger stick on bra continued and a few years ago we created the FF cup and G cup stick on bra.  Please see our size guide to see what size you are.  As the bras do not have straps, sister sizes apply.  For example, if you wear a 32F cup, the cup is actually the same size as a 34E cup, and a 36DD cup.

Model wearing stick on bra

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