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14th Oct 2014

Let’s begin by discussing beauty.  I often get told “it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts”, well, that is true, as a beautiful person is only truly beautiful with a kind, warm and generous personality to match, but we also know that first impressions on looks really do count and will help you in life.  Looking good gives the right impression, that you care about yourself, that you are organised and this for example, can help you secure the job you are going for.  You can use dress, and styling to help emphasise the traits you wish people to see you for.

I like to try and look nice for many reasons, the most significant of which, is that it makes me feel better about myself and in turn, happier as a person.  Which brings me to my next point.  I have done an experiment, I put two pictures on the internet.  The first being an awful picture of me, with no make-up, no beauty accessories, and just plain old clothes.  The second is me wearing hair extensions, lots and lots of make-up, fake nails etc.  Guess which picture got more likes?  That’s right, it was the second one.  My point is that no matter how beautiful you are on the inside, first impressions are most important, and if you don’t make an effort a lot of people won’t give you the time of day to get to know your personality.   Now, I’m not saying you should go to the extreme and use surgery to enhance your look but at least to enjoy making the effort when you go out.

Long blonde hair, wavy hair and false eyelashes

 The little things that I like to do for myself to feel great are wearing eyelashes and nails.
I wear fake nails all the time, whether they are plain polished ones for everyday wear, French Manicure for posh events, or patterned nails for a night out (Little Mix Press-on Nails are my absolute favourite).  I am constantly bashing my nails on tables, catching nails on my clothes and breaking whatever nails I have left on just about any other possible surface.  It’s a struggle to keep my nails looking nice, since they are always odd lengths, or so short I look like I have boy hands!  This is why I think stick on nails are a lifesaver.  They take just minutes to apply, and last up to a week.  A timesaver, if you take into consideration how long it takes to repaint your nails every time they chip, and they are a big money saver compared to visiting the salon.

little mix perrie false nails, press on nails with skulls

Fake eyelashes are another thing that I absolutely love.  Since my lashes are really short, putting on strip lashes makes the world of difference to my face.  Going from tired and droopy eyes, to open and defined eyes in a matter of seconds (depending on your ability to put on fake eyelashes of course).  And of course you can wear these both day and night, depending on how much you want your eyes to stand out, you can go for thicker, longer lashes, or shorter more delicate lashes.  My favourite are Katy Perry Feline Fierce Lashes.

long fake eyelasheskaty perry lashes

Next we move on to the bigger things…
Breast Enhancers, Stick on Bras and Hair Extensions.  Personally, I don’t wear the Breast Enhancers or Stick on Bras.  Being a 34G already, enhancers aren’t really necessary in my opinion and Stick on Bras aren’t an option (yet), but for those of you with a smaller bust, the breast enhancers are a great way to exaggerate your bust and amplify your cleavage.  Depending on the amount you would like to boost your bust, there are different sizes; Mini Voila! Voila! and Maxi Voila!
If you are wearing a strapless or backless dress (or top), a Stick on Bra is a must.  It holds your breasts up like a normal bra, only without the straps or back, making it almost invisible.  Unfortunately, due to my size, I cannot wear one (as they only go up to an F cup) however, we are in the process of producing larger cup sizes which cannot be found anywhere else, and these will be made specifically for our company.  Please see our size guide to see if we have bras in your size.  For smaller breasted women, and Ultra Padded Bra is also an option for increasing your bust further.  These are very popular as wedding bras, and we even have a beautiful white patterned Ultra Padded Wedding Bra for your big day.

Now, Hair Extensions, these are a really simple way to make you hair thicker, fuller and longer, and they’re made from real human hair…  They can be washed, dried, straightened, curled and dyed.  Just like normal hair, you can style hair extensions any way you want, even in an up-do.  There are so many colours to choose from as well, and even if you can’t find the colour you need, please let us know and hopefully we can produce for you, or you could just dye the hair extensions to the nearest colour match to your hair.  On another note, clip-in hair extensions are more cost effective than the more permanent varieties (such as micro-loop) as they are a lot cheaper, and depending on how well you care for them, they can last longer as well…  plus, you can just take them out for a change in style... and they’re way quicker to put in!  As you do not keep them in they are better for your hair in the long run.  I use the #60 Barbie Blonde, and #1 Jet Black Hair Pieces.  These are perfect for me, as I need 2 colours, but it means I don’t have to buy 2 whole full heads of hair.

By the way, we are based in Bury St Edmunds, UK.  If you are nearby, feel free to come in for a colour match or fitting in person.  We are always happy to see our beautiful customers faces and love offering advice.  Just give us a call to make sure we're in!

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