How to Choose the Perfect Lashes for Your Eye Shape

31st Oct 2021

False lashes can be a wonderful addition to any makeup look but finding the right style to compliment your eye shape can be difficult.  But don’t worry, we are here to help.  We are going to help you identify your own eye shape and find the best strip lashes to enhance your eye’s natural beauty.

Round EyesWinged and Wispy Lashes for Round Eyes

If you can see white above and/ or below your iris when looking straight ahead, this means you have round eyes.  Round shaped eyes are absolutely stunning.  They are big, bright, and bold giving the owner a very wide eyed and friendly appearance.

You should opt for wispy and flared lashes.  The wing effect of these lashes will elongate your eye and give a sultry effect.  Flared lashes paired with a smoky eyeshadow and winged eyeliner will also achieve the gorgeous cat-eye look.

We recommend steering clear of double lashes and super thick lashes as they can weigh down the lid and may cause your eyes to appear droopy and look smaller.

Flared and Wispy Lashes for Monolid EyesMonolid Eyes

People with a monolid eye shape tend to have no visible crease above the eye or below the brow bone.  Often people with this shape eye will use eyelid tape to create a false crease which opens up the eye. 

We recommend choosing lighter lashes with a criss-cross pattern and curling them up.  This will open up the eyes and make them appear bigger.  Try to avoid extra thick or double layer lashes, as this will weigh the eye down and have the opposite effect.



Hooded EyesDoll Shaped Lashes for Hooded Eyes

The hood refers to a layer of skin that folds down over the eyelid.  This usually hides eyeshadows and even eyeliners that have been applied to the lid.  Hooded eyes may also appear smaller.  Hooded eyes also become more common as you get older as your eyelids naturally start to droop.

Doll lashes are a great choice for hooded eyes.  These lashes are shorter toward the inner and outer corners of the eye, and longer at the centre.  They will create the illusion of depth and if lightly curled, they will open up the eyes.

It is best to avoid long heavy lashes and long flared lashes as these will weigh down the lid and may make you like tired.


Ful Flared Lashes for Almond EyesAlmond Eyes

Almond eyes are usually slightly upturned with no visible white above or below the iris.  They are the most versatile shaped eye and already have a sultry appearance to them which can be accentuated easily.

People with almond shaped eyes can pretty much get away with any lash style.  Flared lashes will elongate the eye further for a beautiful cat-eye look.  Fluttery or wispy lashes will open up the eye for a wide-eyed doll look.  Double lashes can give a super dramatic finish for partying and for a big, bold statement.


Upturned EyesWispy Flared Lashes for Upturned Eyes

This one may sound obvious, but upturned eyes are defined by the outer corner lifting higher than the inner corner.  To test this, you may need to use a straight object, such as a ruler and use this horizontally across your nose level with the inner corner of your eyes, if the outer corners are higher than the ruler, you have upturned eyes.

As with almond shaped eyes, upturned eyes are very versatile.  They will be accentuated beautifully with any style of lash, the most loved of which is a winged or flared lash for a sultry cat-eye look.


Wispy Doll Lashes for Downturned EyesDownturned Eyes

The outer corners of downturned eyes are lower than the inner corners.  Similar to the above, a ruler will help to determine if you have downturned eyes, if the outer corner is lower than the ruler, then this is your eye shape.

To lift the outer corners of downturned eyes, it is recommended to use wispy, doll shaped and natural lashes.  If the lashes are longer towards the centre, it will help to open up the eyes.
Flared, winged or dense lashes may bring the eyes down even further, causing them to look droopy and not giving the desired effect.


Close Set Eyes and Wide Set Eyes

As you can imagine, close set eyes are closer to the centre of your face (with less space inbetween), and wide set eyes are further apart.  Winged or flared lashes which are shorter at the inner corners and longer at the ends will work wonders to elongate your eyes if they are too close together.  Doll style lashes that are longer towards the centre will help to bring your eyes closer together if they are too far apart.


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