Undercover Glamour's Hair Extensions Photoshoot BTS

12th Nov 2017

It was definitely time to organise another photoshoot as we needed to update all our images on our international Amazon platforms, and our website, and shoot all our new products on a white background.  We are incredibly grateful to the Department of International Trade for supporting us with our international growth plans as by securing the Export Development Grant it has helped greatly in being able to organise this professional photoshoot.  We organised the photoshoot at our office premises in Bury St Edmunds to keep the costs down, and the MENTA meeting rooms proved to be the perfect space.  Thank-you to Holly for helping us organise the meeting room.

Catherine Peck Undercover Glamour Hair Extensions

Our dream team for the photoshoot, pic above, left to right, Catherine Peck (our director), models, Isabelle Allan and Alex Weaver and our makeup artist, Sian Duke, plus Sarah, our photographer, who is missing as she took the photo.  In this pic, Catherine is wearing Undercover Glamour hair extensions in colour no.4, Isabelle is wearing colour no.60/22/18 and Alex is wearing colour no.6/18. The pictures are all taken in the Menta Business Centre's main meeting room.  The pic, below right shows the team in action, which Isabelle Allan working her look for the clipin hair extensions.

Alex Weaver stick on bra model                  Behind the scenes with Isabelle Allan                  

It was great to show Alex that she was on the new stick on bra packaging, and great to see that she was as happy with the new bra packaging as we were, a massive thank-you to Kate Coleman for the new designs.   Alex modelled our new angel cleavage bra for us, and our new balayage clipin hair extensions.  You can see her new pics for the new stick on bra here, www.undercover-glamour.com/stick-on-bras/cleavagebra which is a perfect solution for your backless and strapless tops and dresses. 

Sian Duke MUA & hair stylist                  Hair Styles with flowers & hair extensions

Pics above show our makeup artist and hair stylist, Sian Duke enjoying her creative hair idea on Isabelle's hair, using our clipin hair extensions to help achieve more volume and thickness.  And the pic below, Sian is styling Isabelle's hair for our Amazon images showcasing our new balayage hair extensions in colour no.60/22/18.

Sian Duke styling Isabelle Allan hair extensions

To see how the finished pics turned out see our instagram page @undercoverglamour and see our more recent news articles, and you will see the new pics all over the website too! And if you are an Amazon shopper you will see them on there too.  And a massive thank-you to RMG Models for Isabelle, and Sarah Louise Johnson for the photography.

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