Eyebrow Shaping - The Basics

15th Sep 2014

Below are some basic rules to help you remove unwanted eyebrow hair easily, accurately and most of all with little pain!  If you need a quick fix?  Why not try using Eylure’s Eyebrow Shapers.  Eylure's Brow Shapers are specially shaped wax strips to use above and below the brow line, creating perfectly shaped eyebrows every time.   The pack contains,12 arched wax strips for main shaping and 18 small rectangular wax strips.

How to get Perfect Brows

Preparing your eyebrows before hair removal

  • You should get your eyebrows into a routine.  Around three weeks between hair removal is a good length of time to allow the skin to recover and the hairs to grow through evenly.  This way, you will only have to tweeze or wax your eyebrows once every three weeks, instead of every few days.
  • Tweeze or wax your eyebrows after a hot bath/ shower.  The steam will open up your pores and make pulling the hairs out easier and it will be a lot less painful too.  This can also help to reduce chances of infection and swelling.
  • Lighting is essential to hair removal.  If it is too dull, you may not be able to see all the hairs.  Daylight is the best light, so trying tweezing next to a window (or outside, weather permitting).
  • Choose the correct mirror.  A large mirror is recommended as you will need to see the entire face and both eyebrows clearly.  A lighted vanity mirror with a magnification mirror is ideal.
  • Think about the shape of your eyebrows before beginning to pluck or wax.  Using white eyeliner to colour the hairs you want to remove will help to keep you on track.  Keeping your eyebrows to the shape of your brow bone is a good idea, as this is the natural shape that will complement your face.  You can find your brow bone by running your fingers along it.  Don’t shorten or thin the tips of the eyebrows too much as this can make you look older.  Need help with finding the right shape?  Try Eylure’s Eyebrow Stencils.
  • A good pair of tweezers can prevent hairs from breaking at the base and leaving the root behind.  It will also give you precision when pulling out finer hairs.  Why not try using Eylure’s Tweezers.


Hair removal

  • When tweezing or waxing hairs, always pull in the direction of hair growth, this will help prevent damage to the hair follicle and the pore reducing chances of infection and swelling.  Pulling hairs in this way will also minimise pain.
  • Every now and then while you’re tweezing, you should take a step back and examine your face.  This way, you can see where you need to pay more attention.  It also gives you a chance to check that both your brows match (you certainly don’t want one eyebrow drooping down and the other pointing up!).
  • Do not over pluck your eyebrows.  Eyebrows are there for a reason, which is to keep bits out of your eyes.  On top of that, unless your eyebrows are naturally thin, you’re going to look silly plucking them that way.
  •  Trimming longer hairs gives more definition and neatens the brow, however, sometimes longer hairs cover sparse areas, so be careful which hairs you trim. Brush eyebrows up and trim each hair to length, then brush down and do the same.
  •  Don’t pluck too much from the centre, make sure the inner part of you brow at least reaches the inner corner of your eye.  You can use a ruler, or something straight for reference.
  • Don’t be afraid to pluck or wax above the brow (just to neaten up, don’t go overboard).


Defining eyebrows for the perfect brows

  • Fill in any gaps or sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil.  Such as Eylure’s Eyebrow Pencil.
  • If you are colouring your eyebrows, try to keep as close to your hair colour as possible, most people that dye their hair forget this.
  • Don’t draw your eyebrows on too darkly, eyebrow pencils are for defining brows and filling gaps.
  • Highlighting under the arch of your brow can define your brow more and will open your eyes up.
  • Don’t make the tips of your brow point too low down, this could make you look droopy eyed, however, too high and you could appear angry!  Try to find a middle ground. 
  • When colouring your eyebrows, build up colour a little at a time, you can add more colour easily, but it is not so easy to take away.


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