Can you dye / bleach clip-in human hair extensions?

30th Apr 2015

We had a US customer complain at the weekend about their ruined hair extensions.  The customer had bleached their light brunette hair extensions (no. 6 colour) and used their hair tongs at 450 degrees. Unfortunately, the bleach caused about 25% of the hair to fall out and it went hard.  We reimbursed them and sent another set out of goodwill, so everyone is happy now.  We felt we had to reimburse as we had not made it clear on our website that altering the hair extensions in anyway is at your own risk.  ??? However, we are now clearly stating on the website that any alterations of the products is at your own risk and we cannot be liable as we cannot control or monitor the products you use or the processes you use.  This is stated in the Terms and Conditions.

From the customer's bad experience we decided we better carried out a number of checks and dyes on the hair to make sure it is 100% human hair and with no mix.  We thought we would share our results and here they are.  Remember, any alterations to the hair is at your own risk, but this is what worked for us.

I teamed up with Kathryn Diaper, a local hairdresser, and she also does wedding hair and makeup.  Kathryn is experienced in colouring hair.  We decided to carried out two tests one with bleach and then dying the hair a shade lighter, we used Undercover Glamour dark brunette clip-in hair extensions, colour  no. 4  and the aim was to create an ombre effect.

Products Used:
1.  Wella Kolestonperfect Special Natural Blonde no.12 (no bleach) mixed with 12% peroxide to lift colour a shade lighter (this is the cream mix in the picture below).

2. Bluepowder Bleach mixed with 12% peroxide to develop (this is the blue mix in the picture below).

dip dyed Hair Extensions

The Process:

Kathryn painted half of the bottom of the dark brunette, hair pieces with the bleach mix and the other half with the natural light blonde dye.  She then wrapped the ends in foil (the parts with the dye/ bleach on) and left them to dry for 20 mins, she left them by the aga so they would dry quickly.  It will be more effective if they are left in a warm place.  Kathryn checked on them initially and throughout the 20 mins to make sure the bleach or dye was not starting to react with the hair in anyway.  All was good so they were left for a full 20 minutes.  Once they were unwrapped she washed them with a sulphate free shampoo and sulphate free conditioner.  We used my shampoo and conditioner from Fiji as it said sulphate free.  Kathryn also mentioned using shampoo or conditioner that is for hair that has been coloured.  Do not use thickening shampoos or conditioners, as you do not need this on hair extensions.  Once the shampoo and conditioner was washed through and rinsed she then patted them dry with an old towel (please note the bleach will dye and ruin the look of the towel so make sure it is an old one) she then blow-dried the hair on a normal heat (not too hot).  Once dry she held the hair extensions at the top (just under the clips) and started to gently brush through the hair.

 Blue Powder Bleach on hair extensions

The Results:

As you can see from the above picture the Blue Powder Bleach has lightened the hair more than the Wella hair dye.  The bleach has caused the brunette colour to look a lighter colour with a hint of ginger in the colouring, which is also what you would expect from one round of bleach on the dark brown hair.  I feel that the hair needs another treatment of bleach to take the colour to a lighter shade and to get the blonde, ombre effect.  The Wella hair dye did not lift the colour as much.  The bleach did cause a tiny bit of hair breakage, causing a few of the ends of the hair to break off. So please be prepared for this. Hair extensions do not have the natural oil as the hair on your head, so they are already very dry, so they are going to be more sensitive than your own hair. Overall, we were pleased with how the hair extensions took both the dye and the bleach used.

??WARNING any alterations to the hair extensions is at your own risk, please note we cannot take any responsibility for failed outcomes as we cannot control products or processes used.
These have been our tests and we are sharing what worked for us at the time. ?Bleach does damage hair and too much will ruin the hair.

I did another experiment with L'Oreal Semi Permanent Hair Dye, Dark Brunette on my Undercover Glamour clip-in hair extensions as in the pictures below.  This is the dye I currently use on my own head of hair.  I simply rubbed a small amount of the dye into one of the hair pieces and left for 20 mins for the colour to develop.  I then rinsed the dye out, using the conditioner that L'oreal provide in the set below, which made the hair extensions lovely and glossy.  The colour change went exactly as expected, there was no hair breakage, the hair extensions actually looked better than before (as I used a set that I had been using for a year).  The dark bruntte colour matched the colour that L'oreal state it will go to on the box (the dye is on the darker hair piece in the picture).  This most definitely was a success.  If you are going to try to alter your hair extensions (we are not liable) then I would recommend using a semi-permanent dye as it is not as harsh and you do not wash your hair extensions as much as your own hair so it will last.

Casting Creme Gloss Loreal

We would love to hear from you if you have dyed your Undercover Glamour extensions and if it was a success, which products did you use?  If you have any products you would like to recommend please share them with us and we can share with our customers. 

You can also see our experiments on instagram and we have FREEGIVEAWAYS running at the moment on Twitter and you can support us on Facebook too. 

??WARNING any alterations to the hair extensions is at your own risk, please note we cannot take any responsibility for failed outcomes as we can t control products or processes used.

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