GET YOUR TANS OUT - Summer is here!

1st Jun 2017

Flashing, nip slips and unsightly tan lines are a thing of the past.  We have all the accessories you need to keep your modesty in check this summer.

Our stick on bra is at the top of the list when it comes to summer outfits.  You can wear almost any type of top with an adhesive bra, without showing off bra straps, getting back fat folds where our straps cut in, or accidentally showing off your boobs to strangers if your top falls down.  The (almost invisible) stick on bra, will give you a smooth chest, and keep your breasts in check while enjoying yourself in the summer sun and looking (and feeling) fantastic.

If you think a stick on bra is still too much, or if you want to sunbathe topless... why not try our silicone nipple covers?  They will minimise tan line on your chest and back, while still keeping you "covered up", and preventing charges of indecent exposure on your holidays.  As a bonus, they also stop nipple chafing if you decide to run a marathon.

Unfortunately, our fabric stick on bras aren't a great choice for swimming, however, if you want a little extra boost on your bust, then we have bikini enhancers, breast enhancers and stick on silicone bras that will work wonders under water.  just pop them inside your swimsuit or bikini and off you go.

Among all the great accessories above, we have tons of other items that are a must have for summer, just check our accessories and decide for yourself which items you need.

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