Eylure Lash Pro - Short, Medium and Long Individual Lashes

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Create your own style with Eylure's Lash Pro Individual Lashes.  Make a statement with this set of beautifully handmade, flared lashes in a variety of lengths for a fully customizable look.

  • Design your own look
  • Adhesive and remover included
  • Ultra lightweight and long lasting wear
  • Contact lens friendly
  • Handmade


Choose from 3 available options (see the pictures for the options)

  • Variety - Short, medium and long lashes all in one pack.
  • Medium length - Full pack of medium length lashes.
  • Duos and trios - Medium length lashes in sets of two or three for quicker application.


Additional Information

Eylure's Individual False Eyelashes are a trusted choice by makeup artists worldwide.  Makeup artist, Sian Duke says, "I love using individual lashes as you can really create the look you want on all eye shapes and sizes."

For long lasting individual lash application that lasts for up to 3 weeks,  makeup artist, Sian Duke shares her top tips;

1.  Apply your eye makeup before applying your individual lashes.

2.  Using a pair of tweezers, pick up the desired lash and apply a small bead of SuperFix glue to the knotted end (Superfix is included in the pack).  Pro tip; To ensure even glue application, pour a small amount of the adhesive onto a piece of tin foil and dip the end of the lashes in. 

3.  Place the individual lash as close to the base of your lashes as possible and hold in place for a few seconds until it has dried.

4.  Keep following the process, until you have the desired look.

5.  Remember how many lashes you have used, and what lengths on your first eye, so you can repeat on your other eye.

To prolong the life of your individual lashes, only use warm water or water based make up remover as any oil based products may cause them to come off.


How to Apply and Remove Long Lasting Individual Lashes