For long lasting individual lash application that last for up to 3 weeks, our favourite makeup enthusiast, Beth Macaulay shares her top tips...

1. My first (and most important) step is to ensure all traces of makeup are removed from your eyes before applying semi-permanent individual lashes to help them last as long as possible.  A water based makeup remover works best.  If you use oil based cleansers, the false lashes the adhesive will not be as effective.

2. Using a pair of tweezers, pick up the desired lash and apply a small bead of Super Fix glue to the knotted end.  (Pro tip:  To ensure even glue application, pour a small amount of the adhesive onto a piece of tin foil and dip the end of the lashes in...  This also helps to prevent the pot of glue from drying out!)

3. Place the individual lash as close to the base of your lashes as possible (it is not recommended to adhere them to your skin) and hold in place for a few seconds until it has dried.

4. Keep following the process, until you have the desired look.

To prolong the life of your individual lashes, only use warm water or water based make up remover as any oil based products may cause them to come off.


How to remove semi-permanent individual lashes

1. Apply a small amount of lash remover (included in our individual lashes) or some baby oil to a cotton ball and hold on your lashes for a few minutes to soften the adhesive.

2. Very gently wipe the lashes with the cotton ball and the lashes will begin to slide off. 

3. Repeat until all of the lashes have come off, and gently cleanse your skin after.



For the easiest lash application for temporary Individual Lashes that last for the whole day, our celebrity makeup artist, Alex Jones shares her top tips...

1. Celebrity makeup artist, Alex Jones recommends applying eyeliner and eye-shadow first before applying the false eyelashes.

2. Apply a dot of glue onto the end of the individual eyelash, leave for a few seconds until the glue becomes tacky but not so it dries.

3. Place the eyelash on the outer side of your eyelid as close to your eyelash line as possible and then hold down.

4. Keep following the process, until you have the desired look, once achieved you can then add mascara and more eyeliner to help blend your false lashes in.


How to remove temporary individual lashes:

1. The best way to remove the individual false eyelashes is to dab the top of the lashes with either eyelash remover or eye makeup remover to loosen the adhesive and to use warm water. They will also loosen from the steam in the shower so it is a great idea to have a shower first to naturally loosen them.

2. Once the adhesive has weakened you can start to gently pull the false eyelashes off. Never tug or pull hard, wait until the eyelashes have loosened from the warm water or from the remover.

3. Remove the remains of the adhesive on your eyelids by dabbing more eyelash remover or eye makeup remover on the area or by using warm water.