Classic Slant Tip Tweezer - Great Grip

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A classic tweezer with a slant tip by Elegant Touch.  Perfect for precision tweezing and general hair removal.  The perfectly aligned and hand filed tips will remove the hair accurately every time.  We recommend this tweezer for its reliable and firm grip.

  • Made from high quality Stainless Steel
  • Has a great hold, easy to use
  • Long lasting, a high quality tweezer
  • Effective hair removal tool
  • Approximately 9 cm long

Top Tip - Use tweezers after a bath or shower as pores will be clean and open, making it less painful.

Additional Information

Why this Tweezer?

The flat edge on the tweezer can be angled to run parallel to your skin to enable you to get hold of really fine hairs and you can then pull them out in the direction of their hair growth.  They are really great for eyebrow shaping.  If more precision is needed for an individual hair you can turn them over to use the more pointed end.  Tweezers by Elegant Touch are great value for money and all have a very reliable and firm grip.