Pads for Bikinis - Triangle Bikini Bra Enhancers

Add more to your bust with these foam, triangle shaped bikini enhancers.  Similar to our Silicone Bikini Enhancers but much lighter.  They are perfect for enhancing your bust in a triangle shaped bikini top, giving you a more feminine figure and a huge boost of confidence.

  • Triangle bikini push-up pads
  • Suitable for swimming
  • Fits most triangular shaped bikini tops
  • Enhances breasts up to half a cup size
  • Hand wash only - removable bikini pads
  • Really light and comfortable, only 6 grams per cup
  • 11cm wide, 11cm high
  • 2cm thick (foam padding) to give your bust a boost
  • Each pack contains 1 pair of enhancers

Available in 2 colours - nude or black.

Price: £7.99

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Catherine, our company director says; "I love our Triangle Bikini Pads for filling out my bikini tops and giving me a more feminine shape, they are really comfortable to wear and as they are fabric you do not have to worry about any slip when getting warm, they are really soft against your skin, so comfortable in fact, that you forget you are wearing them."

How to wear your Triangle shaped Bikini Bra Pad Enhancers:

The fabric bikini bra pads are perfect for wearing inside triangle shaped bikini tops.  Simply place between your skin and your triangle shaped bikini bra top.  To get the push-up effect, lift your breast up and then place the Bikini Bra Pad at the bottom of your bikini top and rest your breast on the bottom of the pad, this will help with lift and cleavage enhancement.

If you have a triangle shaped bikini top with bra pockets for removable bikini pads, simply place the Bikini Bra Pad Enhancers in the bra pockets.  Wearing the bikini enhancers in the bra pockets is the best option as then they will stay securely in place with all movement, enabling you to play volleyball on the beach, swim, and run around knowing they can't fall out!