Bra Pad Inserts

Boost your breasts up to a whole cup size with these bra pad inserts.  The fabric bra cups fit into most bras and underwired bikini tops to give you extra volume and confidence.  These enhancers are lovely and soft and comfortable to wear.

  • Boost your breasts up to a whole cup size
  • Half cup - push-up bikini/ bra pads
  • Removable Bikini Pads - suitable for swimming
  • The Bra Pads are hand wash only
  • Really light and comfortable, only 20 grams per cup
  • 2.5cm thick (gel insert) shaped like a chicken fillet
  • The fabric material is more comfortable against your skin in hot weather than our silicone alternatives, and they will stay securely in place.
  • 1 pair of inserts per pack

Available in A/B Cup and B/C Cup.
A/B Cup - W 15.5cm x H 11.5cm
B/C Cup - W 16.5cm x H 12cm

Price: £11.50

Sorry, this item is currently awaiting stock. Please email us at if you require further information.

Additional Information

Catherine, our company director says, "I love these Bra Pad Inserts as they help me achieve a more feminine shape by enhancing my bust.  They are really soft and feel comfortable against my skin.  I recently wore the enhancers, and they helped fill out my bikini top for a photoshoot, they were so comfortable I didn't even notice they were there!" 

How to best wear our Bra Pad Inserts

Our Bra Pad Inserts work perfectly for enhancing your bust and creating a cleavage.  The Bra Pads can be worn inside both bras and bikini tops.

  • The Bra Pad Inserts are best to wear with a full cup shape, underwired bra, or bra shaped style bikini top. 
  • Simply place your Bra Pad inside your bra or bikini top and place against your skin.
  • Lift your breast up and place the Bra Pad at the bottom of your bra or bikini top, so your breast can comfortably rest on the bottom of the enhancer.  The Bra Pads are designed with a concave back for comfort.
  • Make sure you choose a swimsuit top or bra that covers the entire bra pad, so it will remain discrete and invisible. 
  • For swimsuits/ bikini tops with sewn-in breast pockets or removable cups, you can insert the Bra Pad at the top of the inner lining and inside the pocket for the most secure fit.