Purple - Clip in Hair Streaks

Stand out from the crowd with our Purple Hair Streaks.  Simply clip in to have purple highlighted hair!  The Purple Hair Streaks are made with 100% glossy human hair.  A beautiful shade for any look and made with real hair for a natural blend.  The hair strips are 1 inch wide for the perfect highlighted look.

  • 2 hair streaks per set
  • 1 clip per hair streak; each hair streak is 1 inch wide
  • 100% human hair - curl and style
  • 18 inches in length - can cut to your hair length
  • Coloured hair streaks for the highlighted look

Save 20% when you buy 3 packs of Purple Hair Streaks.

All our hair meets high ethical standards.

Price: £16.50

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Our Purple Hair Streaks are perfect if you wish to have Purple hair but do not want to risk dyeing your hair purple.  You can simply clip in the Purple Hair Streaks for when you wish to change your hair look, they are ideal for going out, for Halloween looks and for making a bold statement.  Purple highlights look great with black hair, and work with brown and blonde hair and some red hair colours.  You may want more than one set depending on the look you are going for.  Each set has two Purple Hair Streaks.