Mini Voila! Bra Inserts

A subtle boost to your bust!

Wear our silicone bra inserts to add a subtle increase to your bust. These are our smallest breast enhancers but they are ideal for everyday use as they will fit inside most bra pockets and therefore are completely secure and perfect for wearing at all times.

  • Chicken fillet shape – mini half cup
  • Washable and reusable
  • Size: 7cm tall x 11cm in length
  • 1.5cm in thickness for a bigger bust
  • The pair of enhancers weigh 100 grams
  • Made from 90% silicone and 10% TPU


Price: £7.99

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The company director says: “After many years of living with small breasts I will rarely be seen on a night out without a pair of my favourite silicone breast enhancers, also they have proved invaluable for modelling work. I really love this product range as I can choose whatever size bust I want but I can still be natural for working, running and sport."


How to wear Mini Voila!

You have two options with Mini Voila! 

You can wear the bra inserts between your bra and you skin by placing them at the bottom of your bra as you would with standard chicken fillets.


You can place the bra inserts inside the padding pockets of your bra for complete security.