Understanding Terms used to Describe Hair Extensions

We realise that some of you may not understand some of the terms we use to describe our hair extensions, therefore, we have written up a list of descriptive terms with their meanings alongside.  We hope this will help you to choose the best option for you, and to understand what makes our hair extensions so great.

Hair Piece - A full set of hair extensions consists of several "Hair Pieces" which are made up of multiple wefts, with either 2 or 3 clips.  We sell 3 clip hair pieces individually (if you want to add a little extra to a full set, or just want a splash of colour).

balayage hair piece, wedding hair, hair volumiser     Ginger hair piece, red hair, auburn clip in hair extensions     multitonal blonde highglighted human hair extensions

Wefts - A weft is a strip of hair fixed together at the roots.  When we say "Triple" or "Quad" weft, this refers to the number of wefts sewn together to create each hair piece.

Remy Hair - Remy hair is collected in a way that keeps each strand of hair the correct way up.  This ensure all the hair cuticles are facing the same way, and helps to prolong the life of the extensions and prevent easy tangling.

Virgin Hair - Virgin hair describes human hair that has been collected from a donor that has never altered their hair colour.  This makes the hair extensions extremely soft as (prior to collection) the hair has not been chemically damaged, and ensures a longer life for your extensions.

Double Drawn - When hair extensions are collected, they are "combed through" to remove some of the shorter hairs.  When they are double drawn, they have been "combed through" a second time to remove even more, leaving the extensions almost as thick at the tips as they are at the roots.

brown hair extensions, chocolate hair colour     purple, plum, cherry hair colour extensions     baby blonde human hair extensions, light blonde

Ethical Standards - Our hair extensions are sourced ethically.  This means the donor is willing to donate their hair, it is collected by cutting the hair from a ponytail, and the donor is paid a fair wage.

All of these factors are reflected in the price of our extensions, and we have taken great care in creating these hair extensions by using the processes above to give you the best possible product.  You can see all of our product range at undercover-glamour.com/hair-extensions

Deluxe Hair Extensions - Our Deluxe Hair is our premium range.  The Deluxe range is our thickest hair extensions, they have almost double the amount of hair per set than our Classic range.  The Deluxe set are quad weft, as explained above, the quad weft set are made with 4 layers of hair wefts sown onto each other (whereas single weft would only be one weft) this is how we can get so much hair on just one hair piece.  There is so much hair on each hair piece they will even work for those of you with the thickest of natural hair.  If you have thin and fine hair you will find that you only need to wear 3 of the hair pieces out of the 6 as there is so much hair per set, but you have the option to wear all 6 hair pieces if you really want to have show stopping big hair.

before and after triple and quad weft extensions



Balayage - We use this term to describe our hair extensions with the colour mixes.  Balayage is used to described highlighted hair.  Balayage is a highlighting technique that doesn't use foils if colouring your own hair, the technique used is when a hair colourist will hand-paint the lighter colour directly onto your hair, creating more natural, blended, sun-kissed look.

Balayage brunette hair colour     brown highlighted hair extensions     Multitonal blonde hair extensions

Highlights and Lowlights - Highlights are usually created by bleaching or lightening small sections of your hair a few shades lighter than your natural colour, or by adding another colour such as pink or red.  Lowlights are created by dyeing or colouring your hair a slightly darker shade than your natural colour, or by adding another colour such as purple or blue.  Both highlghts and lowlights can be achieved by using our Clip in Hair Streaks.

We have a wide range of clip in hair extensions to meet your needs.  We have shorter lengths from 12 inches and 16 inches in length, long hair extensions in 18 and 20 inches in length and then our extra-long hair extensions in 22 inches and 24 inches in length.  To view our full range of options please see, www.undercover-glamour.com/hair-extensions 

understanding hair extensions terms for luxury clip in hair extensions