Katy Perry shows us how to Accentuate our Eyes

14th Aug 2016

Katy Perry and our makeup artist, Alex Jones suggests you follow these steps to make the most of your eyes and your false eyelashes.

1.  For a clean, sophisticated look that will make your eyes 'pop', apply a natural eyeshadow to the eyelids. Then apply a fine line of liquid liner along the lash line, extending the outside corner slightly.  A good trick for the liner application is to look in the mirror, holding the eye closed by pressing the lashes onto the face. You can then see, with the open eye, a perfect lash line to apply your liner to.  

2.  Curl your lashes before applying false eyelashes this will make them look more natural and also help them to stay secure. Then apply long length mascara to make them look even longer.  Finally apply some false eyelashes for extra volume.

3.  For a dramatic evening look, create a smoky eye effect by applying a line of black kohl along the lash line and blending upwards and then outwards at the outer corners of the eye.  Blend a dark eyeshadow into the eye crease and, for added glamour, add a glitter eyeshadow to the centre of the eyelids.  Curl lashes and apply long length mascara.  Finally apply some false eyelashes for extra volume.

4.  To brighten and open up the eyes, apply a light, pearlescent colour (white,cream) to the inside corners of the eyes. You can also apply a white liner to the inside bottom rim to really wake up the eyes.

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