Invest in REMY Human Hair Extensions

1st Aug 2016

Our hair stylists recommend that you invest in REMY hair when you are buying human hair extensions. REMY human hair extensions are proven to be the best quality of hair due to the hair cuticles all running the same way.

The science behind REMY human hair extensions:

Our hair is made up of lots of cuticles which all point downwards; if the hair cuticles do not point the same way then they will catch on each other and tangle. This is why backcombing is successful as you are rubbing your hair cuticles the wrong way which opens up the cuticles and makes the hair tangle.

We achieve the REMY hair quality by ensuring that our hair collectors take special care with the cutting of hair. The hair collector will keep all the tips of the hair strands together and the tops together.  This will be clearly labelled to the factory so the sewing team can make the clip-in hair extensions by sewing the tops of the hair strands to the top line of the extensions.

The benefits of REMY human hair extensions:

The hair cuticles running the same way keeps the hair looking shiny and healthy. The hair is less likely to tangle and will stay smooth for longer. You won’t find human hair extensions as smooth and silky as REMY hair. You will find REMY human hair extensions much easier to manage and care for than just human hair extensions.

The cost of REMY human hair extensions:

Remy human hair extensions are more expensive than normal human hair extensions because of the higher level of care taken in the collection of the hair and in the transportation of the hair. Our hair stylists recommend that the higher quality is more than worth the extra cost due to the length of time you can wear the extensions for without them tangling and for a longer lasting product.

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