Catherine's (Company Director) Top Tips

19th Aug 2016

Adhesive Bras:

The adhesive bras are to allow our customers to show off their most beautiful backless and strapless dresses with confidence. If you have avoided backless, strapless or halter-neck dresses due to feeling that you have a non-existent bust then this range is definitely for you. The Silicone Party Bra is made of silicone which is a ‘full like’ chicken fillet to give you extra volume to your bust, as well as 'holding you in' just like a normal bra. There are no straps and no back to the bra so you can stick the padded cups onto your breasts and it gives the illusion that you have lovely rounded, pert breasts. The Party Bra works wonders for keeping larger breasts looking pert under a backless dress and it is lighter than the Silicone Party Bra. Our company director says: “I always wanted to wear elegant strapless dresses with low backs but I never did as I always felt something was missing – and there was, no bust! With the Silicone Party Bra and the extra help from the padding, I have now opened up my wardrobe."

Nipple Covers:

The nipple covers are in our product range for a number of reasons, but primarily to prevent nipples from protruding through your top. The nipple covers are made from pure silicone gel with a self-adhesive back to attach securely over your nipples creating a lovely smooth effect to your bust. We wanted our customers to be able to wear sexy sheer dresses and tops without a bra and without any ‘nipple show’ risk. We also want women to wear sports tops without feeling embarrassed by their protruding nipples, and our nipple covers do just the job.
Our company director says: “Although I do not have a problem with nipple poke through as I have had a life of padded bras! I have listened to many complaints from women about having embarrassing nipple poke through moments. The nipple covers have been a huge success with mothers, models and sports friends, and they do not have embarrassing nipple moments anymore.”

Breast Enhancers:

The breast enhancer collection allows our customers to either add a subtle increase to their bust or to add a whole 2 cup sizes. The products are to be placed inside the bra to provide an extra boost to your bust. The breast enhancers are made from silicone which warm to your body temperature so they feel comfortable and soft on your skin.
The company director says: “After years of living with small breasts I will rarely be seen on a night out without a pair of silicone breast enhancers and they have proved invaluable for modelling work. I love this product range as I can choose what size bust I want but I can still be natural for working, running and sport."

Clip-in Hair Extensions:

We want our customers to feel great about their hair and our range was developed to help solve the common hair problems:
“I want thicker hair” – our customers can add the Hair Pieces (human hair clip-in hair extensions) to create a thicker look in a matter of seconds.
“I want longer hair” – our customers can add a full set of REMY hair clip-in hair extensions taking their hair to a stunning 18” or 22" inches in length in minutes.
“I want to stand out and add some fun to my hair” – our customers can add our hair streaks. We offer natural colours to create the highlight effect through to bright colours such as Bright Pink, Blue, and Purple Hair Streaks to follow celebrity trends.
Our company director says: “Putting in my clip-in hair extensions make me feel glamorous and takes me from work mode to party mode. I love the way I can go from thin, limp hair to glossy, full locks within a few minutes.”

False Eyelashes:

This range is great as at a very small cost our customers can completely enhance their look. Our range of false eyelashes have been selected by our celebrity makeup artist, Alex Jones, providing natural options through to extravagant party options.
Our company director says: “On every photo shoot I have done, the makeup artist always puts false eyelashes on me because it accentuates the eyes, ensures that you have wonderful long lashes and improves your look. Every-time I am pleasantly surprised on the overall improvement it makes.”

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