Breast Enhancers over Implants

31st Jul 2016

The Undercover Glamour team are not against implants and understand that breast enhancers may not always be the answer for everyone.  For example, breast enhancers may not work if you have one breast noticeably bigger than the other and you feel that you cannot take your clothes off in front of anyone then maybe surgery is the answer for you.  Breast enhancers will help lift your breasts if they have dropped after childbirth but if you are really miserable with your breasts and cannot bring yourself to look at them then surgery may help you gain that confidence again.

If you are considering surgery because you just want bigger breasts then we believe chicken fillets are a much better and cheaper option than implants. Some girls with bigger breasts wish they had smaller breasts as they are lighter. So what is better than having big breasts (with breast enhancers) when you want them but then being able to take the breast enhancers out when you don’t? Going out for a run is surely easier with smaller breasts.


There are lots of advantages to having small breasts and wearing breast enhancers and padded bras when you desire a bigger bust. You should learn to love these advantages and not risk yourself and your bank balance with surgery. Instead take advantage of our breast enhancers for when you do want bigger breasts such as those fun nights out, to make your figure look more curveous in dresses and tops.  There are also lots of great padded bras out there that can take you 2 or even 3 cup sizes bigger.


A boyfriend is more likely to want you to have natural breasts and for you to wear breast enhancers rather than put yourself at risk or be inactive for a month while you are recovering from surgery.  With our breast enhancers you can make both of you happy as he can still feel your natural breasts and you can still have the bigger bust you want when you want.


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