Instant Breast Lifts

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Undercover Glamour's adhesive Breast Lifts are an amazing beauty solution; giving your bust an instant breast lift.  The adhesive breast lifts simply stick to your bust and lift the breasts from the top, they can be worn with or without a bra.  If wearing without a bra we recommend to use the breast lifts with our nipple covers to avoid any nipple poke through.  Nipple covers are sold separately, please see links below.

  • One Size - Fits size A-C Cup
  • 12cm wide with a 5cm wide nipple arch
  • The breast lifts are waterproof, so they can be worn under your swimsuit for added support.
  • Made from transparent tape, these breast lifts are invisible and perfect to wear with a low cut, strapless and low backed tops or dresses.


The breast lifts will lift your breasts up to 2cms, giving your breasts a perkier, more youthful appearance.  If you have uneven breasts (which is more common than you think) they can be used to adjust your breasts to make the nipples level, and the breasts appear even.

Additional Information

How to Apply our Adhesive Breast Lifts:

As with all of our adhesive products, please ensure skin is completely dry and clean from oils, lotions and powders, as this will affect the adhesive.

To apply the stick on breast lifts, peel off the lower half of the white card (with the nipple sized arch) and apply to the upper part of your breast around your nipple.  Smooth down the tape and leave for a few seconds until the adhesive has properly adhered to your skin.  Peel off the top part of the white card gently.  Pull the breast up using the tape, and when the desired lift has been acheived, stick the tape to your chest above your breast and smooth down.  Repeat with the second breast.