Eylure Body Tape

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Eylure's Body Tape is the perfect fashion accessory to always have on standby!  The double sided adhesive Body Tape will prevent any embarrassing gaping by keeping items of clothing exactly where you want them. The tape is pre-cut and shaped for immediate use, they are kind to skin and delicate to clothing.  The adhesive fashion tape is very easy to use and remove and is the one fashion accessory no girl should be without.

Eylure Body Tape contains 27 dermatologically tested adhesive strips. 

  • 12 x Pre-cut curved pieces
  • 15 x Pre-cut square pieces
  • Clear double sided body tape
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ideal to use on skin and garments


Additional Information

Why Eylure Body Tape?

  • Eylure Body Tape effectively adheres fashion garments to the body
  • Double sided Body Tape can be used to secure the hemline
  • Prevents any unwanted movements of garments
  • Can be used to make your neckline more modest
  • High quality adhesive that sticks for maximum hold

How to Best Apply Eylure Body Tape
Before applying the Body Tape ensure the skin is clean, dry and free from moisturisers, oils, fragrances and powders.  Do not use on skin that is damaged, irritated or broken.  Select a shape to match to match the line of the garment you wish to stick to your skin (either a curved strip or square strip).  Remove one side of the backing paper and apply to the desired area of your skin.  Then remove the backing paper and press the garment directly onto it.