The Bridesmaid Bra - Ultra Padded Stick on Bra

Our Brisdesmaid Bra is a beautiful stick on bra, with a delicate lace design, making it perfect to wear with your bridesmaid dress.  It is ultra padded and will give a great boost to your bust and your confidence.  Available in Ivory or Baby Pink, and in sizes AA cup to C cup.

  • Ultra sticky for maximum hold.
  • Padding is up to 3cms wide therefore will provide more volume to your bust. 
  • The bra only weighs 50 grams - ultra light as the extra padding is made from foam.
  • Front clasp on bra to help create cleavage.
  • Washable and reusable.


The self-adhesive complies with the European Cosmetics Directive 76/ 768/ EEC and the Safety of Cosmetic Products. 

If you are a 32 inch back choose your normal cup size, if you are a 34 inch back choose the next cup size up and for all other sizes,



Price: £14.99

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Note:  Please make sure you are not allergic to the self adhesive by applying to a less sensitive area of skin first.  



How to put on your Stick on Bra - Step by Step Guide

1. Clean your breasts with soap and water.

2. Make sure the area is dry and do not use any products before applying (such as moisturiser, perfume, baby powder etc.)

3. Remove the protective film from the back of the stick on bra and place the cups on your breasts. For maximum lift, hold your breast up before
placing the cup on, starting with the underneath of your breast first and then pressing the bra onto the top part of your breast. 

4. Join the front-clasp on the bra to pull the bra together creating a nice cleavage.

5. It is advisable to remove your stick on bra at the end of the day.


How to clean your Stick on Bra - Step by Step Guide

1.   Always wash straight after use.

2.   Gently hand wash with soap and lukewarm water. Do not leave to soak in water.

3.   Leave the stick on bra to air-dry.

4.   When dry the self-adhesive regenerates making the bra perfect to wear again.

5.   Finally, make sure to replace the protective film and the stick on bra is put back in its casing; dust will reduce the adhesive’s effectiveness.