Heart Shaped, Silicone Nipple Covers

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The silicone nipple covers will protect your nipples, create a smooth effect to your chest and prevent any nipple protrusions. You can wear our nipple covers with or without a bra.

  • Fits all
  • Heart shaped
  • Washable and reusable
  • Seamless, ultra smooth, invisible under clothing
  • Made from silicone gel with self-adhesive backing for secure and comfortable fit
  • Perfect accessory for athletes to prevent nipple chafing


The self-adhesive complies with the European Cosmetics Directive 76/ 768/ EEC and the Safety of Cosmetic Products.

Additional Information

Undercover Glamour's Nipple Covers are great for:
1. Long distance runners and sports players as they will prevent any nipple chafing.
2. Women with sensitive nipples.
3. Women who wish to wear a dress or top without a bra and wish to have a smooth effect without nipples protruding.
4. For concealing and protecting your nipples while sunbathing topless.
5. Women who are wearing transparent or sheer clothing and wish to make their nipples or a large belly button invisible.

How to put on your Nipple Covers - Step by Step Guide

Please make sure you are not allergic to the self adhesive by applying to a less sensitive area of skin first.

1. Clean your nipples with soap and water to remove any body oil from the skin.
2. Make sure your nipples are dry and do not use any moisturizers before applying.
3. Remove the plastic from the back of the nipple covers and apply firmly over your nipples.
4. It is advisable to remove your nipple covers at the end of the day.

How to clean your Nipple Covers - Step by Step Guide
1. Always wash straight after use.
2. Gently hand wash with soap and lukewarm water. Do not leave to soak in water.
3. Leave nipple covers to air-dry.
4. When dry the self-adhesive regenerates making them perfect to wear again.
5. Make sure the nipple covers are put back in their casing; dust will reduce the adhesive’s effectiveness.