Circle Shaped, Silicone Nipple Covers - Black

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These black silicone nipple covers are an essential accessory for models, marathon runners and swimmers, but they are also a handy item for those who wish to go braless without the risk of exposing themselves to the world.  Great for use under thin bras, loose clothing or swimming costumes.

But they are not only for women, silicone nipple concealers will protect men and women alike from chafing during a marathon, or to hide protruding nipples outside in cold weather.

When it comes to party outfits, swimwear or gym clothes, many women choose to wear nipple covers instead of a bra as they are invisible under your clothing and will protect your modesty if any clothing may move around or is very sheer.

  • Fits all - 7cms in diameter
  • Easy to use
  • Washable and reusable
  • Seamless, ultra smooth, invisible under clothing
  • Made from silicone gel with long lasting, self-adhesive backing for secure and comfortable fit
  • Perfect for runners to prevent chafing


Additional Information

Undercover Glamour's Nipple Covers are the prefect solution for:

1. Long distance/ marathon runners and sports players as they will prevent any nipple chafing.
2. Women with sensitive nipples.
3. Women who wish to wear a dress or top without a bra and wish to have a smooth effect without visible nipples.
4. For protecting and concealing your nipples while sunbathing topless.
5. Women who are wearing transparent or sheer clothing and wish to make their nipples or their belly button invisible.

The Silicone Nipple Covers are made from 90% silicone and 10% TPU with a self adhesive backing.

How to use and store your reusable Nipple Covers